Gravitas: Twitter CEO to get $42 million if sacked

Elon Musk is taking over Twitter. What does this mean for the company’s Indian-origin CEO Parag Agrawal? Agrawal has told employees that Twitter’s future is uncertain. Palki Sharma Upadhyay tells you more.

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Comment (23)

  1. I read somewhere tht Musk wants Twitter away from general public. He's willing to covert Twitter into a secured, more concise and productive platform for those voices who keep the evolutionary power and skill to bring any swift change to world within no time.
    Once it turns private Musk will be wholesole in-charge to filter out valuable and most sought after ideas within seconds. Some sort of a monopoly strategy against great ideas I guess.

  2. Now we will have to learn free speech from a capitalist . So you can buy free speech if you have enough money .

  3. Well its clear WION is against free speech. I hope Elon goes in and fires every one of those working there especially that CEO.

  4. WION is standing out with their time consideration, solid wording and to-the-point reporting. I love that they don't try to "make things bigger" or to "suggest" what opinion should the audience have. They find out things before others and follow up on previous news if there is more unfolding to them. I think WION is becoming the top YouTube news reporter, as we speak. Congrats ladies – you are really great at what you are doing.

  5. Elon Musk knows how to earn billions in just few hours he's going to tweet dogecoin and shiba inu token images soon , then what pump and dump as usual.

  6. He must sack the CEO, and everyone involved in suspending people's accounts for speaking thee Truth. Palki stop talking like a Democrat in America, they are the only bunch of people who are terrified of this take over. Elon wants the truth to come out of the closet, and people like you should be supporting him.

  7. You’re all paranoid saying she’s chosen to hide certain facts. Watch the next video that they’ve uploaded at the same time. It highlights everything from free speech to the algorithms being made public.

  8. Corrupt , Biden , And The Just Delusional , Corrupt, Liberals ! Biden Is Senile , And Delusional Liberal Controlled Puppet ! Biden Is A Complete Embarrassment For America , Not Leading The World But Following And Using The Liberal's Talking Points , More Concern With Their Climate Control Than Helping The American People ! Sadly, Biden And The Liberals Are Hurting Americans Just To Attain Their Delusional Liberal Agenda !

  9. Shouldn't the headlines be "Far Right Musk buys Twitter"? I mean, how is he any different to Le Pen? Slander one but not the other?


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