Gravitas: U.S. congresswoman Ilhan Omar to visit Pakistan

Ilhan Omar, the U.S. congresswoman who pushed Washington to criticise India on alleged human rights violations, is visiting Pakistan and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.
Will she question the state of minorities there?
Or is her human rights advocacy only limited to India?

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Comment (31)

  1. Each and every day a new joker comes out of the US soil. Ask omar to bail Pakistan's debt with help of US. She needs to be reminded that the country she is representing has ravaged great nations for oil 😂🤣

  2. She needs to go back and help somalia. she not even advocating anything about Africa at all. Both Obama and her have failed Africa misarably

  3. hello everyone it is the truly news about she was Miss omar is good girl or women in act to save humanity's and humans right international love and respect from the great Afghanistan+93 green Asian continent king" 2022.

  4. Someone in the USA should react to her visit to Pakistan; the Great Nation of India will see this as an insult because Pakistan is a pain in the #"$.

  5. Looks like Ms. Omar has gotten under your skin Gravitas!!. She has a point you know and she A'int backing down🤣

  6. mrs: omar say no to Conflictوracism = Prejudice )؛( (Y) 2022. life in humanity and peace full nation unity to growths our live in the future …..Inshallah.

  7. Ilhan Omar is an extremely toxic individual who hates ANYTHING that is not Islam or favorable to Islam. She even tried to deny the 9/11 attacks. It's sad that individuals like Ilhan Omar are allowed to participate in US politics😒 She disgusts me🤮🤮🤮

  8. What Pakistan atrocities in gelgit baltistan there is no such thing.only India is the certified humans right violator in the world.

  9. Y this hard core muslim ilhan omar doesn't wear the black sack (burkha) while appearing in front of guys?? Y talibaan not shooting her down 🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅

  10. Well this what the US are doing in Pakistan, its all aimed at making trouble between India and Pakistan because India has not done what they were told by the US over Russia.

  11. Democrats and the United State pay Ilhan Omar hundreds of thousands of dollars to hate America. Lets' just ignore her. However, India on the other hand should consider the situation between Russia and Ukraine carefully. When Russia wants something from you, they take it by force.

  12. We don't give a f**k about that b****s opinion, living in the Us and barking shit about other countries is so easy. Come on the ground woman and spend time with people in the situation or the government you are barking on. We know what Muslims are doing to my Hindustan, they are trying to implement the freaking shariya shit law so that we also would become a Muslim state.
    That's not gonna happen until, India is in the leadership of PM Modi and BJP party.

  13. what she said about India is 100% true. India is a third-world banana republic ruled by a medieval regime. India is not a great country. why do you talk about Pakistan, talk about your country Rendia.

  14. her views should not be taken seriously. she is a hypocrite. we love India and its government🇵🇭❤️🇮🇳

  15. She is good at playing the victim card, her favorite one is "Islamophobia" … but she will not raise any voice against Taliban and their atrocities against women and non-muslims.. US is getting saturated with these hypocrites..

  16. i really wonder how the American people voted for this woman. These woke liberal politicians are clueless how the world works. If they're pushed into an intellectual debate ,they'll surely lose. So much for being a Liberal ,so dumb. We Indians never poke into someone's affairs . Who is she to do so?

  17. Muslim in India are biggest so called minority 🤣🤣 , on the other hand 🧡Sikhs 🧡Jain 🧡Jews 🧡 are making INDIA proud 🧡 , muslim are brainwashed by their Maulanas , and hating Hindus and other minorities


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