Gravitas: U.S. to sell F-16 fighter jets to Turkey

2 years after it sanctioned Turkey for purchasing Russian Missile systems, U.S. is now planning to sell F-16 fighter jets to Turkey. Palki Sharma tells you how this proves that U.S. has no friends or enemies, only interests.

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Comment (38)

  1. So we shouldnt crap on India for buying Oil & the S400 from Russia since its in their best interest also. Thanks Palki for pointing out AGAIN the hyprocracy of my government.

  2. How does WION point out America’s security agreements but fails to condemn India’s arrangements with Russia?

  3. Yeh why is America arming turkey? Turkey is letting all the Russians hide there. Why would the US give them weapons?

  4. Its a desperate attempt to secure assets and make friends with other nations. Yet Turkey still buying Chinese weapons and vussia gas

  5. "…No permanent friends, only interest" ah yes just like India.

    Let's not forget that US and Turkey has been on the same alliance in few decades. This reporting seems absurd and bias. They don't even pay attention to relevant details. This is disappointing.

  6. Lol, only interest the USA have in Turkey is that it doesnt collaberate with the Russians. Thats why they want to sell their old crap for melons to keep Turkey on board. USA doesnt care what Turkey want they only care in keeping their power. Turkey should stay strong and do whats in the best interest of Turkey and thats buying 5th generation Russian jets. On one day Turkey will need them against US agression who wants to do regime change.

  7. This lady hates America. I mean all she does in belittle 🇺🇸 everyday while exhaltinh 🇮🇳. Get a life. We're the most powerful on the globe

  8. USA, China, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, North Korea… These are the only countries reason to cause mass killinggs and worldwide destruction.

  9. You have forgotten to include "history" in your views. Every war has "allies" and in this case it is needed to "Save" Lives

  10. Biden has been snubbed by Saudi and UAE and the Petro-dollar is having its last puff and will be dumped. After the US and EU froze Russia's foreign reserves almost $300 Billion, every nation on earth is preparing to move its foreign reserves away and out of reach of the USA.
    The US feels that Saudi and UAE have gone rogue, so they want to turn their guns on them and they think they can get Turkey to do it.

  11. And in a NATO conflict, The F-35s would lead the charge. Turkey would be cannon fodder with its F-16s.

  12. USA is selling F-16 to Turkey for its profit and negatively impacting Turkey's weapon deals with Russia, so what's the shock in here? India too has no morality or principle, it is remaining abstain in UN councils, increased oil import from Russia several times and trying to please two masters who are at economical war with each other.

  13. The soviets are conducting a war of conquest…of course that changes priorities…I mean, really….if India is neutral, then stop bashing the USA. I'm not American, I'm just using my head

  14. However, the elephant in the room is that if Russia ends up in a war with NATO, Turkey would be required to fight Russia. So, their dependence on Russian weapons would be foolish.

  15. Turkey has the largest military force in NATO compared to european nations. Without Turkey US is left alone in NATO, sidelined in Central Asia.

  16. Turkey has grown much faster and has 6 times the per capita income of India. This is a good positive move. Instead of banning and prohibiting Allies, give them the needed so that they do not look else where.

  17. The us military of the biden administration left 85 billion dollars worth of equipment in afganistan and now extracts the same amount of money from congress to replace that 85 billion left behind. A big win fall for the industrial military complex. This way the us gets the latest equipment by forcing funding from congress.


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