Gravitas: Ukraine diplomacy shifts to India

Top diplomats from Russia and Britain arrived in New Delhi to discuss the ongoing war in Ukraine. Both sides are hoping to bring India into their camp. How will India respond? Can neutral New Delhi open a new communication channel? Palki Sharma tells you.

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Comment (43)

  1. 1971 – Where was the world then for India? Russia was there and India will be there for Russia….. END OFF!

  2. When the West says "you have to choose sides", they meant to take their side.

    The US does not represent the right side of history.

  3. India is not disappointing!! West is, it's double standards are, it's hypocrisy is, it's continuing favoritism is, it's trying to keep looking at India as a 3rd world county is DISAPPOINTING!!!
    Who is the west to decide which is the right side of history, India IS on the right side which is it's own side. Period.

  4. That woman from UK is full os crap! India doesn't need UK, UK needs India and all 1.4 billion of its citizens. India, do what's best for you!

  5. Bsdkwala Britain the biggest robber of the world is teaching India about democracy. F**k off through a narrow lane 👉

  6. The BRICS countries, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, are considered the five foremost emerging economies in the world.

  7. When majority of world backup Ukraine India just act like China who's secretly support Russia.

    Ukraine will never forget

  8. "Freedom, democracy and sovereingnity. How very convenient." Indeed so. Especially considering all the people that have been killed or injured. I have a strong feeling they all had prefered the first option.

  9. russia's barbaric attack on ukraine kills innocent people. no contact with russia. i hate them! putin fo !!!

  10. India buy oil from Russia in lowest rate then India supply oil to that countries like UK Netherland US and others affected by the rubles pay whahhhhhhhhhhhh very good India

  11. "Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine" 🙁 Liz Truss is fooling whome? NATO is also responsible for this war.

  12. India should vex the West a bit more and keep buying oil and weapons from Russia. All the known criminals, scammers, terrorists and india haters are living in the West. Their media is always entertaining india haters

  13. They think India as a fool. If Europe and US want India to side with them and cut off all ties with Russia, then they should also first cut all their ties with Pakistan and China. But would they do so for India? NEVER. Pakistan still enjoys a status of Non-NATO major ally and American Aircrafts and weaponry. Europe supplies Tanks to Pakistan. Indeed they're ones who have empowered Pakistan with conventional weapons and even Nuclear weapon (CIA let Khan steal blueprints in Holland).

  14. Suddenly India is the smart guy of the class who everyone wants to sit beside him in exam 😂

  15. India is not a superpower, they are only a regional power. Especially with the substandard weapons they have they will never be a world power.

  16. When Europe buys 15 percent more oil after the starting of war in March, it's seen as need. When India buy 1 percent oil from Russia, it's India paying for the war.

  17. Did US thought about the massacres by Pakistan in Bangladesh? NO, they indeed helped to defeat India in every possible way. And US has the audacity to lecture the world about morality and humanity.

  18. It's funny watching Indian videos where guys promote cheap Android phones. Only because most Indians cannot afford the iPhone. 😀😄

  19. haha…why only india is disappointing while saudi Israel turkey uae r against US…thats because…india is the 2nd largest democracy and fourth most powerful country in defense….if india join aligned with russia thats it game end for US and western countries…. 😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Usa backed Pakistan and now teaching history…

    India should remain Neutral.
    No usa no Russia , it should be our own benefits..
    And yes , we are the father of nonaligned movement.


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