Gravitas | Ukraine invasion: What Modi told Biden

Ahead of the virtual summit, The White House had hinted that US President Joe Biden will push India to take a stand against Russia over the invasion of Ukraine. India’s PM Narendra Modi set the record straight on India’s position. Palki Sharma Upadhyay brings you a report.

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Comment (23)

  1. Independent probe? For what? Is it not enough that they have interviewed dozens maybe even hundreds of Ukrainians in Buche and they can tell you it was the Russian's? Let's stop playing games. India should just say you need to keep a relationship with Russia and you really do not care about Ukraine.

  2. Ukraine President shd seek peace with Russia and not going around seeking weapons from other countries. If Ukraine is serious about peace and not revenge. Dont expect other countries to appreciate your stand as they put their own national interest first.

  3. India has to consider how far Russia will go to help India, if China should start a war with India,
    knowing that the friendship between China and Russia is deep rooted. It's the underdog that India can depend on.

  4. South Indians like me with any knowledge of Hindi is also following your news, English translations on any regional language would be highly appreciated!

  5. This American says stand firm PM Modi. Stand firm India. Always put India's interests first. There are many areas where India and the USA can work together. But this Ukraine/Russia issue isn't one of them.

  6. Librandus in comments here are our countries most cancerous terrorists.
    Fueled by Pro-Western biasness, they really think their small brains know what actually is going on.
    India will always stand by Russia.
    The things Russia had done to help India historically, USA can never even hope to accomplish.
    Us even staying neutral is a big deal and USA should be thankful for that. Not try to threaten us.
    If China was even remotely as friendly as Russia, USA would no longer be a world super-power as India China Russia Alliance would dominate.
    Western supremacy will be history in 50 years, max.
    All we need to do in meantime is make our own country as economically independent as possible.

  7. Indian Foreign policy is the best tight rope walk between taking sides and sticking to our own interests with a humane face.

  8. Biden thought he can manipulate all the world leaders. His arrogance is the reason why Putin is invading the Ukraine. LET'S GO BRANDON!!!

  9. Biden is not really fully there, he has to read all his words otherwise he gets muddled up and start talking about something else.

  10. I do not understand Indian stance on Ukraine. Their main foreign politics goal is the conficlit on the info Pacific and the territoria disputes with China. They have all the interests to condemn Russia (despite being an historical partner). Why they are not doing that? To me it is a lack of confidence. India is no longer a developing country, it should take strong position to defend its interest. Neutrality is weakness


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