Gravitas: US commission seeks sanctions on India

A US commission on religious freedoms is asking the State Department to list India as a ‘country of particular concern’. The commission is also seeking targeted sanctions on India. But the 100-page report makes no mention of rising hate crimes in the US. Palki Sharma Upadhyay tells you more.

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Comment (35)

  1. This is only part of an evolving game, a blackmailing, to India not to take a neutral position again the Russia – Keiv ('westerners') war. As everyone knows the usa could do anything dirty to distabilize India's peaceful environment; so as to frighten Indians daring to stand by themselves as a respected nation.

  2. Here's the problem, I see that in my own family…. Girls look up to gora dude,,,, more than Desi dude.
    …and to me they are all balwaas ppl, even in my own family 😁

  3. u .s.a,you are exposed to the core..All you know is arm one nation against another..Now you have nothing worthwhile to accuse India of .It's your nation doing so & judt like Pride comes before a falll,your time to fall had come..

  4. As far as present condition India, the report can't be neglected completely. For sure in USA there is not such accountability about human rights. But present reports quite similar…

  5. America should stop lecturing the world, when they themselves have dubious record of human rights against Afro Americans and other minorities.

  6. This news is completely biased towards defending India no matter what. Journalists needs to be neutral while presenting the news?? I would have liked to hear both the sides of the story.

  7. I wish countries like India, china, Russia, Saudi Arabia , iran with other countries will come together and isolate America too, their bully to other independent countries are unbearable

  8. of course India never asked them to publish this report how dare they publish the trust. Answer this Wion, is truth hard to swallow ?

  9. US has biased opinion and grudge against india because of it's proximity towards Russia and it's independent foreign policy. Don't take such reports seriously, don't debate and waste time. Throw it into dustbin where it belongs. US has the most serious issues like racism, funding terror outfits around the world, selfish approach, mass shooting in various parts by illiterate, irresponsible, jobless locals. Poverty, unemployment etc.

  10. Dai USA who are you interfere with India you are not the master you take care of your home or your all will go to hell

  11. US must sanctions upon India, Hindu extremist increasing day by day! 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  12. Don't ever believe America. once afghan people believed them. now we can see what happened in Afghanistan

  13. I will never understand when counties nitpick other countries, expecting change to occur. Also, it's annoying when it seems to always be America that's mostly prevalent of doing this to countries without sharing similar ideologies. Especially since every country has its own problems, including first world countries. Yet, they ignore them, not trying alleviate these issues.
    E.g. America's and Canada's justice system.

  14. Callous, arrogant…
    India natural partner of US – BS…they are trying to USE India to attain their goals of controlling the world including to tame China

  15. USA is the dirtiest nation in the world… USA sponsors Jihad and Islamic terrorism and then goes ahead to attack them.. USA is the source of all perversions in the world.. Very soon they will have to pay for all this nonsense..

  16. They have no shame left,..🤣🤣
    No conscience left… They are embarrassing themselves day by day….. despite the fact that everyone can see. And they call Russians villains… Hahahahahaha

  17. That report is not completely baseless. However, Indians do not need to worry about religion now We should worry about corruption and poverty. Why don't you talk about Indian black money in Swiss banks and Mauritius?

  18. They prepare the question paper, answer it and evaluate it. Who's bothered. Frustration out of loosing world police cap!


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