Gravitas: US Federal Reserve hikes interest rates

The Federal Reserve hiked interest rates by 50 basis points, their largest hike since 2000. The move has triggered fears that America may slip into a recession. Palki Sharma tells you more.

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Comment (25)

  1. Palki, go back to unbiased journalism. The Pandemic did NOT affect the de facto economy in the US in a negative way measured by the enormous wealth the elite ammased in less than a year. The US economy is based on the success of Wall Street, not measured on the well-being of regular citizens, and of the nation as a whole. The real reason we are entering a recession is the billions of dollars spent on the war in Ukraine. The oligarchs and the military industrial complex are having yet another phenomenal payday at the cost of Ukranian lives, American taxpayer dollars and the economic stability of Europe and the world. Biden and the white house are ignoring their campaign promises aimed to alleviate the burden that has become living in the US. All Washington cared about is money and war. They have Zero empathy for Ukranian victims, just as they showed not an ounce of humanity to all the countries we have destroyed in the middle east through the neverending, senseless wars that give blank checks to the military industrial complex through our corrupt Congress approving yearly astronomical amounts for warmongers who rule the country, and the world….since the EU behaves as nothing but US lapdogs and semi-colonies. The Pandemic bolstered US corporate profits to unprecedented levels, while quarantines and restrictions further deteriorated the ability of the working class to make ends meet. Let's not blame it all on the pandemic though, the current administration has deliberately driven inflation to once in a generation new heights, while ignoring domestic economic issues, the Biden administration is hellbent on throwing billions and billions of American taxpayer dollars to fatten the pockets of Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Boeing and the rest of American war manufacturers. As an American I have a message to the world, the endless, senseless wars around the world are made in America for the sole purpose of enrichment of the already outrageously wealthy elite that bribes our corrupt government. WION, go back to informing the world without playing the American playbook of lies imposed by YouTube. If they take you down for telling the truth, we will all know and you might take a hit for a while, but we, Americans are on the brink of a revolution to regain our constitutional rights such as free speech, peaceful protests, and holding our crooked government accountable as well as BiG Tech and the other insidious industries that are violating our constitutional rights in real time in front of our own eyes. We won't stand and watch our country become an authoritarian dystopia. You can count on that.

  2. Before Erdogan, Turkey was in very poor situation.
    Erdogan mange to make Turkey a great economy.
    Many million immigrants work in Turkey.

  3. I just do not understand.. The money role should be limited only to exchange goods. Why not the think tank work on new monetary system that serves people at all the times.

  4. Government have failed to decipher this inflation. This is due to supply chain issues, mismatch of supply and demand. As soon as the economy of the world opens without any complete lockdown, inflation will settle down. Only rate cuts wont work, just wait for one more quarter.

  5. Donโ€™t think about Turkey. Think about India. Indias condition s much more worse than Turkey , Pakistan and Bangladesh

  6. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚The THREE STOOGES (US + UK + EU) have RUINED the World's Economy with their DUMB SANCTIONS, just to DOMINATE the world. And now there's a very good chance that the THREE STOOGES will start a war with Russia, and SADLY WE ALL DIE in a NUCLEAR WW3.

  7. Until and unless the policy-makers in all the countries will change their mindset from favouring less than 1% of population who are billionaires and start using human resource to the highest level in productive ways, all economies will approach sharp decline sooner than later.

  8. Who needs a pandemic when you have leaders like this…HOPE MR. PRESIDENT DIDNT HEAR THAT PALKI๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. This guy is hoping that the recession self-identifies as a slowdown. Then he can call out people for using the wrong "pronoun".

  10. โ˜ข๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธโ˜ข by this time next year… rates will drop when recessions occur!

  11. The feds understand what is coming, to keep everyone at calm, they will tell you whatever you wanna hear knowing itโ€™s not true

  12. Not just pandemic spending. WAR Spending How much, just between USA an Canada, has been spend on Ukraine. -So far!

  13. Dharma Varta เคงเคพเคฐเฅเคฎเคฟเค•เคตเคพเคฐเฅเคคเคพ says:

    Everyday stock market is loosing points. But, companies are in good position, sentiments are running high.

  14. * FREE NATIONS: Are MOVING "Shipping Ports" to MEXICO, to AVOID; NATO "Drama!" Canadaโ€™s "Pension Fund" BOUGHT "Ports of America", the "Largest US Terminal Operator!" SO, Import GATEWAYS such as Californiaโ€™s "Los Angeles" and "Long Beach" ports, which Handle More than a THIRD of ALL "Containers" coming into the U.S., are STILL "Inundated" with "Uncollected" CARGO more than "Two Years" into the Pandemic. peace – NOT, nato

  15. It's a planned food shortage ! They want the great reset…to force Americans in to it….that's what all this is about !


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