Gravitas: Who is winning the war in Ukraine?

Vladimir Putin’s forces have pulled back from northern Ukraine to focus on taking the Donbas. Did Russia fail to achieve their objectives in the first phase of the war? What are Putin’s goals in Phase 2? Palki Sharma tells you.

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Comment (30)

  1. It’s time for the Russian army to about turn and go home to their families. What a total mess they’ve made of things. The disgrace will hang over them forever. A legacy of murder destruction and plunder. War crimes and cruelty beyond belief. All because one man was afraid of losing Ukraine to a democratic way of living. Ukraine was no threat to Russia but just good neighbours and getting on with their lives in peace. Justice will prevail for Ukraine and the shame will be on putin and his minions. Not the Russian people, they are fine people who are kept in the dark and lied to. Here’s to freedom, peace and a new day to the beautiful people of Ukraine who deserve all the good thing in life🇺🇦🕊🇺🇦🕊🇺🇦🕊🇺🇦

  2. In the thumbnail it looked like Erdogan is now fighting at the front of Ukraine 😂

  3. Well said. A pawn for the West and a prize for Russia.
    The West needs to wake up and realise that THEY are causing this war to escalate.

  4. I really suggest that you need to read and understand the military operations how it works remember USA was in Afghanistan for 20 years now you're talking about 60days the strategy of this war is completely different from what you're really talking about maybe you're afraid that your channel will be cancelled again that why you're not telling the truth I'm against the war but the truth be told in case you forget Russia is fighting against Ukraine+NATO and few members of quad so try to be honest lie's is coursing innocents Ukrainians people's suffer fear will distroy your credibility anyway i hope those civilians in azovstar will be freed if there's any

  5. US and Europe politicians wins … the fastest root of getting the funds from their hard earned taxes of their respective countries

  6. The whole plan was never to take Kyiv. The whole plan is to destabilize Ukraine. A destabilized Ukraine would be a launching pad to subvert former Warsaw pact countries and former Soviet Union Republics which are part of the West camp now. Once these said countries are totally destablized, then it will be the turn of the western countries and simultaneously USA, Canada, Australia, Japan…..

  7. Europe and USA always wanted suppress Russia in any way now they are sending troops we indians always with Russia 🇷🇺

  8. Whoever listens to António Guterres, really needs to learn what he has done. Thanks to him Portugal started a down spirral from which it never recovered from. We are poorer, we are less safe, we have less jobs, lower salaries, highest debt ever, all thanks to the last 27 years of socialist governments and António Guterres government started it all. In fact, when he almost destroyed us socially and economically, he fled. He resigned and got his payout in the very corrupt UN and has been there since. António Guterres is the typical socialist parasite. He destroys everything he touches and then moves on to destroy another thing. Everything he says as the UN main head, should be taken with a truck filled with salt.

  9. Moscow has lied to everyone right from the start. Even before that Putin denied that his troops would invade.

  10. Russia have proved it can tackle the west and the US simultaneously…. Ukrain is already dead. West are conducting the war in full fledge against Russia in the name of dead Ukrain.

  11. The fact is that Ukraine is desperate but Russian is dissolute. Ukraine sacrifice everything but not Russians. Russian fight against more than 30 nations not Ukraine alone.

  12. NATO Pushkin Ukraine into this war to fight Russia. If Zelensky fails Zelensky should be fired. After getting all nato support Zelensky must be held accountable and even charged for a war crime.


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