Gravitas: Why inflation could spoil your increment

It’s April, Employers are conducting appraisal interviews, employees are holding their breath for a pay hike. But is the inflation going to kill your increment? Molly Gambhir decodes the possibilities.

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  1. china lies about everything so covid cases in china is 0 yea… so we should believe inflation is 0.9 in china?

  2. I dunno, the increment may be more necessary than ever. Admittedly the satisfaction is reduced.

    The so called great resignation is more a pulling forward in time of job changes people were going to make. Lots of ideas people had for the next 2-10 years were acted on sooner.

  3. I think since this is a global channel the "Godiness" of this channel is comparatively less than Zee News.

  4. Very true,inflation hurts the salaried class,when everybody is so rich that no one can afford anything

  5. Yes, Covid prior lockdowns, Ukraine due to scarcity of foods such as wheat and other basics cause prices to rise and the lazy coward tool of politicians to use sanctions (no international law exists to use them) on anyone that does not follow verbatim what USA says, and the blind follow suit of EU, is another factor that is backfiring globally on all countries economies. Do not blame just one side, we all have responsibility

  6. Sicail media with television channels have to minimise
    Last is mobile phones
    Which is coming soon
    Next but too earlier is not corre to declaration

  7. We are very concerned about the regular human rights violation happening in USA and all of these are targetted towards people of colour.. the more concerning thing is that the numbers of such violations are increasing day by day and govt is busy avoiding the issue as if lives of non white doesn't matter…

  8. I haven't had an increment in last 3 years . No bonus …. No gifts …. No home ownership … Single and low salary …. I don't know how will I sustain a family of four in my near future …will either will not be in a position to marry or will not be in the same job . There is none existent growth .

  9. Come on news team . Inflation in the UK and USA are well into double digits . Japan is just printing money and China lies .

  10. that's bullshit!! walk out and you will get 40-50% hike from another company!! I myself saw the hike!!! people who are loyal expecting pay rise are victims of the story narrated!!

  11. Thanks to "quitting streak" and evil "vaccine mandates." Somehow, that always gets left out of this dystopian scenario!!!

  12. Rejects AFSPA, abrogation of articles 35A and 370 in Jammu Kashmir. Demand plebiscite as per UN outstanding resolutions.Rejects AFSPA, abrogation of articles 35A and 370 in Jammu Kashmir.

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  14. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need.

    Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

  15. Who knows why? Where have you been actually?

    A World Depression is Evident. No escaping it. How does one prepare?

    The TRUE Climate to Change your desire to be here.

  16. in india they will increase roughly 10% which will reflect as not more than 7k monthly pay . so employees alway interested in resignation than appraisals.
    employer always prefers outsiders than own team increments 😂😂

  17. Difference between China/Japan & India. We work harder to punch out the numbers. There is no go slow program in our hearts.

  18. Send more weapons please!!. We are winning here against the Russia!!! Together we can do it!!. Ukraine is free for US. to investing your own future! I will win the War!!! and i will give all Russia oil to US. government. Thank President Joe Biden! Americans beloved man! Thank you for take care Ukrainian people!!😀

  19. I am really Blessed by the Grace of God because I am getting increment daily so for me no inflation no killing of increment i am here safe by the Grace Of God. My God is supplying all my needs.


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