Gravitas: Why is U.S. not talking about human rights violations at home?

U.S. lectured India on human rights, and Russia on genocide. Back in America, a 26-year-old black man was shot in the head by a white police officer, he died. Incidents like these happen in U.S. every other day. When will the U.S. talk about them?

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Comment (38)

  1. Human rights violations is global but we can still say they're just isolated…problem is when it becomes institutionalized.

  2. Is always hard for me to understand what Americans have to say about human Right Abuse when blacks are been killed like we are not human. What level of abuse can be more than killing innocent people? Americans should stop disturbing the rest of the world with their so-called human rights violations that they do not practice

  3. The U.S. is "concerned about human rights violations" in any country if that country refuses to be geopolitically bullied. It's their way of saying "we will fund your opposition if you don't comply", but like true hypocrites they will accept funding from the same communities in their own government/media to push this rhetoric.

  4. America kill more in Iraq Syria Libya Afghanistan Africa ask him how many innocent black people they killed

  5. West has no democracy like India. Western countries are basically very autocratic in essence. Their immigration, police, tax deptt, govt Everything works ruthlessly. But in India, just see how vibrant it is. On every issue how much public debates are there. These sort of democratic vibrancy is unheard of in the Western countries.

  6. America, stop being an international police! You have human right violation at home! Deal with your own problems first! You have no moral right to tell other countries what to do!

  7. I usually support this station… But your take here is a bunch of BS. The Biden administration actually supports the uprising of inner-city criminals… They are destroying many of our beautiful cities, while the Biden administration‘s makes excuses for them, and blames “white supremacy” which is a fictional dog whistle. The Biden administration supports the criminals on a regular basis which is causing them to rise up and confront police more often… As a result you have confrontations between police and criminals… And usually the police will win because they are armed, and have the right to defend themselves and the community. The Biden administration is hypocritical… But for reasons different than you mention in this video. The main reason is the exporting of their woke, garbage cultural values. A.k.a. cultural imperialism and globalistic garbage.

  8. america has killed enslaved people, indians/native, america has killed, afghans, iraqi'si america has helped separate Africa, a white american killed Martin Luther King, along with dirty police & terrible politicians that come up with policy's the target melanated people to be innocent victims of murder & imprisonment. This is just the tip of the iceberg, america has no time to play high man on the bottom of the totem pole. If Muslims & Hindus could practice thier religion peacefully, what could america say.

  9. The war criminal, Biden should fix his own problems at home first. Enough of lecturing. May be the collective west of okay behaving as this thug's puppet the collective east part of the world looks at home as a loose cannon or better put, a demented comedian thug !! 😂😂😂

  10. Am calling out for South Africa 🇿🇦, Nigeria 🇳🇬, Morocco 🇲🇦, Ghana 🇬🇭 and Other African Powerful nations. To do something about this. Africa!!! Africa!!! Africa!!!

  11. Why is U.S. not talking about human rights violations at home? The same reason as India probably. Life in India is not so good if you are repressed by the Hindu hegemony. Hindus are just as repressive as the Han Chinese.

  12. America is the only country where you get shot from running away from answering the cop as to why you took the turn too quick – they also stop an attempt suicide by actually killing the victim . It’s insane

  13. India is also following same why don't you show India police I'm Madhya pradesh doing such thing you don't have courage to show reality in your own country

  14. Police there is representing the meaning of that guys who rule the country, white racists, criminals and thugs in white collars. Hope the Russians and Chinese stop them from ruling the whole world. Does anybody wonder about that people beeing good friends of the Nazis in Ukraine? I dont.

  15. The USA brings in more human trafficking victims than any other country.
    One of its few exports is weapons.
    Very few things are actually made in the U.S. Weapons are though.

  16. America does not have a monopoly on racism or police brutality but there are now many police citizen auditors recording police and holding them accountable. There is American hypocrisy in American foreign policy but what Biden said in this video is true and the hypocrisy of a nation does not stem from rogue cops. Cops are not always held responsible in court but lawyers and auditors have made progress in holding them accountable.

  17. All that you said about America? is indeed true but what is your position as regards the Modi government policy of oppressing minorities. Trying to pass laws against the rights of Muslim and Christian minorities in India is never at all mentioned by WION. Please, do your best to fearlessly criticize the Modi government for promoting Hindus violence against minorities, especially Muslims.

  18. Good report. USA gets away with it because they could offer trade and under the table cash to shut down other countries concern. Butcher Biden is last of the killer administrations.. I'm am sure Putins gift of Fredrick Douglas picture was not well taken. 😷

  19. there was even an incident of a Black American Army Lieutenant still wearing his full uniform harassed by policemen just because he was black. If there was no people around filming the cops would have probably shot the soldier.

  20. So. You are comparing our police. Which I agree they need reform. But it does not compare to Russia war crimes on Russia.

  21. Problem is American President's official residence is called 'White House'. It should've been re-named as 'Black House' when Obama was living there. This should've sent a clear message to White supremacists.

  22. Yes, I have said this in my previous comments, America like to point out human rights violations by other countries, while black and other minorities rights are daily violated in America.


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