Gravitas: Will Scott Morrison retain power?

Australia is heading to the polls on May 21, 2022. Opinion polls indicate that Prime Minister Scott Morrison is set to be defeated by the Labor party. What will a new government in Canberra mean for the Indo-Pacific? Will Labor reset ties with China? Palki Sharma tells you.

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Comment (48)

  1. This belligerence against China is misguided and pointless. Everyone who is smart should work with China- which appears to have already overtaken US as world's economic superpower.

  2. Australians don't like our politicians and we don't like polls, so what ever they say, you can expect the opposite on election day, labor has only won government from opposition three times in history, and they were leader's who had great visions for the country, Morrison has done a good job with just 4% unemployment, after a global pandemic and global inflation,

  3. I am Australian and seen figures today saying Morrison not Albo is favourite. CCP want Labor to win, should tell you all you need to know. Morrison is against China, he is great and the favourite. 90 percent of Australians see China as a threat, where did you get your figures. Labor/greens want to halve our defense, get rid of nuclear subs, get rid of all Americans and pine Gap, get rid of AUKUS. A vote for ALP/Greens is a vote for China.

  4. Palki, love your work – but the correct pronunciation of Albanese as used in Australia is 'Albanesy"
    Liberal Advertising is "Life won't be easy under Albanese(y)" so it rhymes
    Amazing the number of Australians commenting, shows they are watching the channel for your wisdom.

  5. What a πŸ’© report this was so misleading, Albo spoke one sentence in Mandarin in the said video other than that he doesn’t speak it Kevin Rudd does. We had a national cabinet during the peak of the pandemic and the state premiers called the shots not Slomo he failed on so many fronts and by the way these subs won’t be here soon they are decades away. Australians have worked out Scotty from marketing this time around only a sucker would vote this salesmen in again.

  6. Never vote labour..Go for Scomo..liberals bring business and labour gives freebies. Inflation is in all countries. Check US, India, Europe, UK etc

  7. All of the Liberal Party had the same stance as Labor did, and then all Labor and Liberal politicians decided to change their stance to China when America decided to Pivot to Asia.

  8. Morrison is no good, Albo even worse any Aussies watching vote independentt kick the useless bastards out of office. Otherwise nothing changes

  9. As an Aussie I could elaborate on these issues all day. So the rest of you know, the national security issue with the coalition is while they are more hawkish they are also more kleptocratic. Kleptocrats tend to be easy fodder the right (or wrong) kind of Chinese influence. Best known example is the Liberals leasing the port of Darwin to China. A more recent example is the Liberals disrespect shifting allegiances in the Soloman Islands. Critique against the Morrison government is considerably widespread. Multiple nation leaders and significant portions of his own party. It happens sometimes. Democracy is a work in progress.

  10. Commies with commies ,
    I hope Australian people aren't foolish enough to vote for this communist .

  11. Scotty is alright, lowered taxes, tough on China, all labor has done is raise taxes and filled their pockets with Chinese money.

  12. Remember, to tell yourself your sorry for not obeying GOD on HIS Command sooner…and your daughters… especially in these times.. ya know?

  13. Well, you speak so highly of him, that's nice he is so good with money, what has that to do with the obedience to GOD things you ladies all should be obeying now.. and the next but ever present now.
    And!!! I asked GOD to remember again, as well as the partially restored bodies of those women of the too late it happened and the rotting bodies were in the rice patties but then the women of the future that is now refused to obey GOD and have them back fully restored huh ?
    All because these dudes are so persuasive and cool and so much more worthy than every raped and murdered and tortured woman ever in time and you just can't manage to obey GOD as HE commanded to crucify and hang and string them to one another for their crimes and abominations. ..

  14. Only 3 years of terms seems a bit less
    Welp if Pakistan had that they still wouldn't have any pm to complete it to the end

  15. If the same guy is elected again then it’s transparent that the communists cheated once again and we the people must rise

  16. Albanese is from the Left faction of the Labor Party…. He is Maoist Socialist.
    Albanese is also a friend of China….. and China supports him.

  17. Labour are traitors I take Scott Morison over labour any day labour get out of the house if you can't protect our lands queen needs step up kick labour in the backside hard

  18. Full-scale Invasion, Economy Resilient, Refugees, Home Fallout Shelters, Sophisticated Air Defence Systems, Air Superiority, Combat Drones, Heavy Offensive Weapons and Military Base… FPDA alert….βœŒοΈπŸ˜ŠβœŒοΈπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡²πŸ‡ΎπŸ‡³πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  19. Unfortunately , Australians believe the garbage πŸ—‘οΈ both parties spit out – our only option is 1 Nation

  20. Liberal or conservative, do not vote for anyone who is not willing to decouple from the CCP economy. The surplus they run will be used against you and the influence from trade will be used to undermine your democratic institutions.

  21. Australian Parliament tenure should be of atleast 4 years like US or 5 years like India. 3 years is very less time to build on a certain policy (specially related to Foreign Affairs & Defence).

    Regular changes make it difficult for any country to maintain a consistent policy on any issue. 4-5 years should be a good time to not only build on a policy but even measure it's impacts.

    In 2019, China might not have been as big a threat to Australia as it's right now & would only increase in the post covid world which is quite evident from it's Solomon Island Pact.

    Tomorrow if a slightly China friendly party (not targeting any specific person or party but in general) comes to power then Australia would be back to Square 1.

  22. As one living in Australia for a long time, I have observed the Labour Party has had little interest in strong ties with India. Kevin Rudd, on becoming Labour oposition leader, as his first act cancelled the previous Liberal Govt. decision – that itelf long delayed – to allow export of uranium to help India's energy needs. India may be reticent about sharing sensitive data under the Quad with a Labour govt since many leading members are China-sympathetic.

  23. Anyone who believes a left wing government will bring down house prices is deluded .. neo-liberal are likewise useless with house prices ..

  24. indian delta variant virus was a killer 😞😞😞 and never again 🀞🀞🀞

  25. xi jingping has ordered the chinese diaspora to vote labor
    thats well over two million votes plus their contacts and sympathisers.
    xinnie the pooh has quite remarkable control over chinese diaspora
    including back door massages and the local restaurant.
    they've all still got family in china
    things to lose.

  26. Vote in Scott Morrison's Government again, and Australia , under Offence Minister Peter Dutton , will definitely be led into another 'senseless' war by the warmongering United States !

  27. γƒ•αŽΆγƒ•Ψ΄ΩΎγ‚“γƒ•γ‚­γ‚“π‘€γ‚“γƒ•ε†°π‘€γ‚“εΎε†°π‘€γ‚“γ‚­γƒ•γ‚“ΩΎΨ΄γƒ•αŽΆγƒ• says:

    China owns Australia's ass.


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