Gravitas: World powers compete for weapons that travel faster than sound

The global race for hypersonic weapons is heating up.
Russia has claimed it used hypersonic weapons in Ukraine.
In response, AUKUS – the alliance of Australia, the US & the UK – has announced it will develop hypersonic weapons.
Palki Sharma Upadhyay tells you more.

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Comment (35)

  1. I like how when we respond to weapons development by making better weapons, countries like China start throwing around the "non-proliferation act" like they don't develop nukes lol

  2. Stop stop stop immediately the war and start puting your house in order, not much time is left, not much time is left.

  3. This is a bullshit puff piece. In reality, Russia has hypersonics that do mach 20 and they are in service now. The west is struggling to put a foot in the game that Russia owns. This, and who wants to fight for tyrannical western nations anymore?

  4. It's inevitable. All these morons can think about is the next bigger weapon. Ww3 is really only just a matter of time. Everyone's finger on the trigger is getting sweaty and heavy from holding off too long. Someone will let one rip and it'll cascade into full nuclear exchange. We're fu**ed 🤦🏽‍♀️

  5. WION needs to be correct while defining 'Hypersonic". Supersonic means anything that travels faster than the speed of sound. Hypersonic specifically means anything that travels more than five times the speed of sound (Mach 5).

  6. I don't know why Australia is involving itself in East vs West rivalry. I mean , yes , Australia can and must develop Hypersonic arms if it wants and needs , but they should do it independently, atleast not with US, UK

  7. so pathetic ..china russia and north korea will just sit and wait til west catches up…they will nuke the west …is so stupid these news retard offence to retards. the balance is broken and they can win now.. 😁

  8. NATO is not enough now we have AUKUS all these have the US as head what a shame! let them go and learn how to live in peace and harmony from the ants

  9. We could all just get along.. everyone has enough why do we need to keep fighting?? Maybe we really are the problem considering how many problems we bring upon ourselves

  10. China: By the west building hyper sonic missiles, It undermind the peace and stability.
    China: Yes, We have hyper sonic missiles.

  11. The US empire and its NATO minions are playing catchup with Russia and China regarding hypersonic missiles. If NATO or their Washington masters attempt to intervene in the Ukraine they will find that Russia will meet them weapon for weapon both conventionally and nuclear. Russia is not Syria or Libya. A confrontation with Russia will quickly escalate into a regional and nuclear conflict.

  12. lol you wont even have enough time to get to your bunker!!! i sleep better at night knowing that just a few psychotic billionaires and multi-millionaires will end up getting us all killed eventually!!!


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