Gray Newell Interview on Brain Computer Interfaces Summarised

The future is now, old man. This video is a summary of . I’ve tried to remain faithful to what was said there, but do occasionally deviate off or condense points where I thought it benefitted a summary to do so, but please check out the original interview if you’d like to know specifics about any part of it.
More info on MeRT:
His game dev website:

0:00 – Intro
0:37 – Brain Computer Interfaces?
2:17 – What are they like?
2:53 – What is possible right now?
3:19 – MER Therapy
4:51 – What’s next?
9:15 – Safeguards and failsafes
10:24 – Conclusion

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  1. BCI, AI, prosthethic augmentations, Automation, Scarcity, Free Market, Trillionaires, climate change, crypto curency, drones, androids, etc…

    Am I the only one being terrified by just how many things could go wrong? I think it is possible to have all this make human life so much better, but really, all we need is for a singular one to go wrong, and we're instapermafucked, I mean, we kind of already are in a cyberpunk dystopia, would just make it more obvious/even worse.

  2. China won't even need nuclear weapons anymore. They're just gonna force everyone to get these and then China's gonna creep into everyone's brain and suddenly everyone is a chinese war machine. WW3 maybe?

  3. So I was interested in the therapy he was doing and tried to look it up, you say magnetic e-resonance therapy but the screen says MER therapy which I think are two different things based on google? When I searched for magnetic e-resonance therapy I find a program called MeRT℠. Anyone smarter than me wanna help me out lol

  4. 7:37 I think if we'd have a great technology, such technology that anybody using this technology will accelerate away from the rest of humanity. If everyone would have that, there would be no need for military, no need to fight we'd be able to know the problem and solve it in ourselves

    9:36 at the end of the day, we'd have our human bodies we'd have to take care of, food, water and everything else to keep this vessel alive

  5. BCI fits perfectly with Starships and Space mining in the upcoming future. But still we can't replace an arrogant, egotistic or delusional humans that makes the world shit, and that's why gradually our dystopian world is gonna get more dystopian as the time passes. <Plays Cyberpunk Music>

  6. As much as Id like to control my pc with my brain, it is just not possible with an outside device. You need to get something inside your brain. On the outside they can only read the aftereffects, for example say someone throws a rock in water, it can only read the water ripples and not the actual rock going into the water. Use any stronger signals to detect the rock and you will evaporate the water. But it is fun to think about… like true AI

  7. Look at AAA game releases and then tell me you'll get the day one version of this installed into your head!
    I on the other hand will be waiting until at least version 1.2!

  8. Putting your own Consciousness into a Simulated Reality may not even be fucking possible due to the complexity of the Human Brain and possible "Physical" or "Spiritual" Limitations that may even prevent Simulated Consciousness but lets say for the sake of Argument that you can create a Matrix. What would be the point of living in a Simulated Reality? You provide no benifit to the real world and are just surrendering your Counciousness to a Hedonistic Fantasy. While you live out your literal delusion you think yourself free from the real world, yet who will provide the vast amount of resources for you Hedonism? "Well of course real world people / machines need to maintain the artificial world." Except what logical reason would there by for them to do so? If you could live in a "perfect reality" why would you waste time working in one that is deemed inferior? "People would like the society and work hard to keep others in an ignorant bliss!" Why would the Engineers, Producers, Workers, ETC care to even bother keeping a glorified vegetable alive? Hard Working people want a point to their work ethic, not to fucking babysit a bunch of Hedonistic Vegetables that don't contribute anything and have no purpose other than consuming resources for hedonism. They would gladly let you die to free up resources for them to use in the real world. "Okay what about a Supersentient AI!" Again two things, what logic is there behind keeping wasteful humans alive? Logically speaking your vegetablism has no material worth to the AI so thus logically it would kill you to free up vast swathes of resources. Even if you program an AI not to do this and take care of humans the AI need to fucking Manage and Constantly Produce Resources as well as Managing Logistics for a vast net loss. This would require a hyperadvanced AI that has already been successfully used and implemented in the real world because any programmer who states they can just program this is delusionally to the impossible complexity of logistics and resource management in the real world. No fucking centralized system works and the system especially in this case needs to be so good to prevent disruptions which is fucking inevitable due to natural disasters. "But MUH AI POWERFANTASY AI IS GOD AND IS SUPER SMART AND DO ANYTHING!"

    Uh-oh Meteors just fucking crashed damaging 90percent of infrastructure after a few million years now Humanity is going extinct now.
    Uh-oh a simple fucking earthquake just fucked up the entire logistics system in North America now we need to unplug everyone after a short generation.
    Uh-oh Humans are too hedonistic and lazy to fix their real world problems and the machine wasn't programmed to handle this!
    Even a self learning AI cant predict everything because we humans would never be able to give it all conceivable variables as that is impossible, and even the best self learning AI cannot fucking just unlock the secrets of reality when we could never design a simulation that accurately represents reality to every last fine detail and laws of physics, even a Supersentient AI cannot just asspull this itself as it is constrained to how it was built built by it's creators and the available resources it has around it which can only be used for limited things. You can't just SCIENCE without funding after all…

    Simulated Realitism is Defeatist and Fruitless Hedonism

    Supersentient AI that is magically immune from having any flaws is a Religious Minded Delusion…

    A Super Hedonistic Society will always collaspe plain and simple, nothing beats Historical Precedence and there is no true escape from the Real World…


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