‘Great Reset’ in Davos at the forefront of a ‘great deception’ in the free world

Powerful individuals, groups and large global organisations are at the forefront of a plan labeled ‘The Great Reset’ which intends to use the fear generated by the coronavirus to reshape the world and achieve net zero emissions says Sky News host Rowan Dean.

“The Australian taxpayer spends a fortune sending top politicians and public servants year in year out in luxury style to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos to help map out global economic structures”.

However, Mr Dean pointed out behind its lavish exterior the World Economic Forum is working with the UN, IMF and other high-profile globalist organisations to introduce online activist movements and compliant local and national governments through a vast network of connected corporations.

“It is a global commitment they have made to use the panic and fear generated by the corona virus as a means to reshape all our economies and laws and move to a new form of capitalism that focusses on net zero emissions”.

“To use all the tools of COVID to tackle climate change”.

Mr Dean said “if implemented successfully, The Great Reset will undeniably and deliberately have extreme and possibly dire repercussions”.

“‘You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy’ is just one of their marketing slogans,” he said.

“The plan involves replacing shareholders of big companies with stakeholders, who happen to be left-wing bureaucrats and climate change zealots. Replacing Mum and Dad small businesses and private enterprises with big tech and big business”.

“Remember, it’s not only a great reset, it’s a great deception.”

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  1. So much bullshit !!! You're not a journalist! You're just a lobbyist with a TV show… To say that Trapp had successes in the Middle East is like saying that the cat got the MD and is working in a hospital as a heart surgeon.

  2. Which Western billionaires are on Russian and Chinese wavelengths?

    What worldwide billionaires, are against them!

    Which worldwide billionaires also have another agenda..?

    There's God knows how many other groups🤷🏼‍♂️😢

    Eastern power hates their brainiest learning in an western world… And the Western arm, have been alerted to the rise in West goes East to learn.

    Whilst I think we are in the midst of a east v west war, already… Biological & cognitive tactics seems to the base of both countries…😢

  3. Prince Charles: “We are literally at the Last hour”.
    That’s also what the Bible said about the times we live in. The world is NOT ending but the age of Grace IS. Jesus Christ is coming as a King and Judge whether you believe it or not.

  4. "The Great Reset" Is a one global system being implemented by those elitist cabal masquerading as government. "The Great Deception" is biblical… You won't be able to "Buy or Sell" without this "Green Deal" mandate or travel without this "Green Passport". "The Green Deal" proposed by The Biden administration is going on globally under the guise of this Covid virus that's not any deadlier than a common cold. The CDC guideline says to be considered a pandemic the death rate is 7%, the death rate is under 1%…so why are they calling it a pandemic? You won't be able to Buy or Sell without the covid-19 vaccine, Revelation 13:17 warns us of this very scenario. Wake up before you are thrown into the Ovens.

  5. The UK media will not even mention the ‘World Economic Forum’ and its ‘Great Reset’ plan. Instead, it would appear to leave its population to dwell, suffer and enrage itself on such a ridiculous idea. The Police will deal with revellers…. Such a poor, poor show all round. Absolutely disgusting.

  6. I what what we need to do is "reset" the status' of all the Davos scum from "living" to "DECEASED". Since they want to kill us, why shouldn't we, the people of Earth, take the initiative and get them first?

  7. What I would like to know is, will the entire world be participating? Will Iran, China, North Korea and all the 'other agenda' countries be included in this great reset. Not to mention Israel? Is a date set for this reset. I'm still waiting for informal announcement from the president.

  8. Apparently… Klaus Schwab's father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery… he would womanize, he would drink, he would make outrageous claims like he invented Coronavirus 😎!!

  9. the only reset would be to take the wealth from the 1% Globalist. TAKE THEIR POWER AWAY ,then see how fast they would hide and be quiet.

  10. Many years ago i heard about a plan. Step by step God would be removed and replaced with worship of the earth. They already teach kids that the earth created us. Surely no flesh will remain alive.

  11. That was a great speech you really laid it all out in a simple and easy to understand way, exactlly what we are facing.
    You stated who what when and where all the expertise of a true journalist.
    God bless you for your great effort at stopping this nightmare from happening.

  12. I say the climate change and the corona virus outbreak is a designed by the globalist elites to usher in the NWO. Its planned by the illuminati and the UN. Walter Veith revealed it and he was right, they are not hiding their plot anymore.

  13. Can you afford £30,000 + for an EV & its home charging system ? can you afford to fork out £10,000 + for a heat pump and new bigger set of radiators + the very high service costs .
    Can you afford the big rise in electric bills via the smart meters being switched over to the variable rates when the numbers are high enough ?
    The price of everything carried via shipping is going to rise via the Paris accord shipping emissions laws .

    87 governments signed up to it and the reason for that is the vast increase in taxes and charges ,& of course the global boys benefit because they are in charge of the markets
    Green has been turned into a dirty word ,if you thought this was about saving the planet
    You have been had its all about the money ,it was the governmets who voted for it the people were not given a say in it and for good reason .
    All of the above is going to regenerate the banking & loans industry ,the auto ind & the energy ind ect .

    The MPs /ministers & lords can just put the extra costs onto their expenses a loxury the UK public dont have !

  14. F* you 'Prince' Charles, speaking about how 'we' are at the last hours. The little peasants, yes, but you freeloaders who haven't worked a day in your entire lives, are not a part of 'we', right!?

  15. bunch of fckn scum lords…has no bearing upon me… if those that is having a bering upon listen they will then next look for info on what parts of the planet have they beeen "given" contole ownersip if… has nothing to do with me gaining…give me a NUKE…. you mfckn bastards.


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