Ground report on the Georgia National Legion: 17,000 foreign fighters from 27 nations are in Ukraine

Watch ground report on the Georgia National Legion Head Quarters, where 17,000 foreign fighters from 27 nations are training in Ukraine against possible Russian invasion.

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Comment (24)

  1. What foolishness you will become like terrorists in Syria and Afghanistan I pray that they defend Syria and then they became ISIS In fact, he is not a resident of the area

  2. Teenagers nowadays doesn't know how scary the war could it be. Actin like a bunch of geniuses interms of war in every social media platform. Y'all know how scary af simultaneously shooting the enemy while the enemy firing you back just 10meters visible from the back of the building while shooting rpg's? You think its cool because y'all are just watching in your cellphones but in reality its different.

    War is toxic, so please dont be so dumb typing on your phone.


  3. I am from Georgia and I can guarantee you that one of the first things we learn as kids is to not to abandon our brothers!

    God bless every brave soul who stands in frontline defending the freedom against goliath.

    Slava heroem!!

  4. I would like to volunter for Ukraine people so please help me to get there to figh with Russian .

  5. To the Ukrainian people and soldiers and President Zelensky and volunteers Says IAM who Iam Amen and amen Having done all stand Stand 🇺🇦

  6. remember when nobody could leave their homes due to covid, but now we can even go abroad to fight in a war to kill & die ?🙂

  7. There is a video of a foreign member of the 102 Georgian National Legion that said their training base and the one beside it was blown tf up by Russian airstrikes and there's a bunch of dead Canadian, American and Europeans..
    The are now being forced to go to Kiev or be shot and their passports are being ripped up at the border trying to leave..

    These foriegn fighters are use to having air superiority, now they are on the side with no air support and want to go home and warning others not to come..

    Video is on ASB Military News on telegram..

  8. I'm always amazed at how much this topic polarizes. I've seen videos where the comments are absolutely Pro Russian. I wonder how people can be for Putin and even believe a word he says. The greatest Nazi is Putin. God save Ukraine. How much longer will the Russian people be lied to?


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