Guarding your Shalom against circumstances. Spiritual Food, Bible Study

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  1. I'm interested in where you find that the patriarchs went to he'll and needed Yahushua to set them free. Also where does it say that while they were in hell they weren't in torment?

  2. Shabbat shalom family!!! Talking about soul food, this manna right here came straight out of heaven to edify our faith in TMH YAH if we ever had any doubts that He is always in control of our circumstances. Thank you watchman family. All praises to you father YAH!! HalleluYAH!!!

  3. This message was God sent. I am a certified math and special needs teacher in NJ. My charter school was closed by the NJ Dept of Education. It was my first year working at a charter. I was also assaulted on the job by a student. Currently, I am unemployed and in prayer waiting on God to open the "right" door for me as I actively search for a new position. Thank you for reminding me to guard and protect my Peace during this passing phase. I ask for your prayers since I don't have a church that I go to since I find many Christian churches are unfulfilling. I haven't learned anything new or spiritually grown in these various religious places I have attended in years. I watch you guys all the time and have learned more about God, History, the state of Afrikan people globally and humanity in general than I have learned from any place else. Your family unity, spiritual life, and holistic lifestyle is full of warmth and love. As a single highly educated woman with no kids, I continue to pray for such a beautiful relationship that you guys share. You look like best friends! Please pray for me that my step are in alignment with God's will in all aspects. Also, many of the Hebrew words you use I don't understand including the proper spelling and definitions. Could you do a basic class on the various words you use and please explain the history and dates of the all the Hebrew holidays, such as, what is the Feast day you are celebrating now? What is its religious purpose? May God continue to bless you and all your family. Tell Deborah I like her garden alot! I am glad you did not kill the spider the other day as it's part of Nature's eco-system to keep plant and animal life in balance. Shalom( not sure I spelled that correctly).

  4. ALL praises to Abba Yahuah for this timely message! I've gone thru some or most of these things, and I've had to accept that they're apart of The Father's will…and it is for my good. He doesn't do things, or allow us to go thru anything, without a purpose. I've come so far in life and have grown so much…But, I still have a very long way to go. I'm honored to now have understanding, that Abba Yahuah has been, still is and will continue to take me down the path, that He wants me to go down. There are people, places and things that I've encountered in life, that I most likely wouldn't have even thought to be involved with, had it been left up to me. The Father has used me in ways, that I can't even begin to express and understand. Circumstances that I thought would be a hindrance to my life, The Father has allowed those things to bless me and teach me. He is constantly teaching me to be still and have Shalom, in the midst of it ALL. I just look back on life, and see how those things have shaped me…WOW! May Yah's will continue to be done. I am in submission to His will! Love and blessings to you all!

  5. I just listened to that song by Commissioned. That one is definitely going on my playlist. Thanks Elder!! HalleluYAH!!

  6. Thank You for this much needed word from THE MOST HIGH. This word edify me in so many ways that will change my life and thinking. The audio is so much better. Bless you and yours. Shalom.

  7. Can you do a video on Christians using their Christianity to bully. I tried to lightly mention the bible to a Pentecostal family member. And before I could complete what I was saying. That Pentecostal family member told me. " that I cannot tell them anything about the bible because they have been saved for 30 years". ( Of course they sad it with hand on your hip attitude. ). I find myself walking on eggs shells even when talking on the phone with this person. Why are some Christian woman have such ugly attitudes. .?? Of course I discuss nothing biblical with them as they know everything. At this point they run friends away because nobody can measure up to their self righteousness. This is just a bit of the self righteousness they display. I do not enjoy being around this family member and dread being Around them

  8. THANK YOU, YAH!!!! For this message to me! Everything is all…….. GOOD! What's my plans for today? What's my plan for my life?? Whatever YAH has planned! Whatever HIS will is for me, let it be done. HALLELUYAH!!!!!!!!🙌🏾🙌🏿🙌🏾🙏🏾🙏🏿💆🏿


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