Guarding your Shalom against people. Spiritual Food, Bible Study

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  1. I'm sorry to say that but I know it all Israel is not Israel I expect and I shouldn't but I do cuz of experience so-called black person we'll run to the rescue of a Caucasian person any chance they get I was in a restaurant Golden Corral's don't like going in there ignorant I get my food to go white man he did something to me stand all in my face and I asked him was he okay he was scared he ran away and a sister ran and grabbed them and start being an auntie Tom I got to work hard on my peace shalom

  2. Very important message, thank you ! We all need to learn to stay grounded. As we know 2/3 won't make it and these trials are a kind of test.

  3. I think people should be very careful when using social media. People will write the most horrible things because they don't see you so they think they are allowed to trash you and have no respect onto anyone.

  4. Have to be careful who you let in your home. From family to friends. Me and my wife use to pray before we come home from work .

  5. Shalum myshpacha, I know this is kinda of subject but I am needing help on info to start homeschooling. do I have to go through systems to start thank you much ahuba and shalum.

  6. Yeaaas, it's called spiritual gang stalking and it's been happening to me on the job. Thank you for this reminder to keep my mind stayed on The Most High's words and rebuke these demonic spirits on a daily basis. Peace and blessings to you family!

  7. Thank you, I needed this TODAY. Confirmation but in the midst of what I have been going through personally I needed this. My shalom, peace is so priceless. And I , we need to obey THE MOST HIGH directing. Stand still don't move and see his salvation.

  8. I again want to thank you for this message, I, we, us as people standing waiting obeying thanking YAW need this. We are going through so much. We may be being bashed against a wall but, stand in our shalom , peace. Oh HALLELUJAH ,HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH PRAISE HIM. I STAND IN SHALOM. Thank you. I see so many comments on this subject. Thank you

  9. Thank you for the lesson. I wonder was the Egyptian women upset about the racism her people commit against the indigenous (black) Egyptian. Every brother not a brother every sister not a sister.

  10. I love y'all . You are my true brother and sister I never met. Yah and y'all 2 impact my wife and I so much.

  11. I love y'all and all the brothers & sisters on youtube educating us on the word. I'm trying to get better each day, and I owe a lot to the both of you. Thank you.

  12. Shalom, I started homeschooling my son this year and working full-time. We are the best teachers for our children.

  13. Sometimes it's your own family members who can take away you peace. They can be very manipulative I have a Pentecostal family member who is alway picking fights on the phone. According to them that are " holy". So they can pray for you but you can't pray for them because your not living how they are living. You cannot talk about anything bible to them because " They have been saved for thirty years and I can't tell then nothing about the bible". However they follow every witch and warlock in television ministry. I draw talking to them or going to their home. They are cunningly manipulative. I know this is witchcraft. So I keep my distance. However they try to use the whole. Family gotta stick together to come closer to me. But I find them very district ice to my life. All this is very surprising as they claim to be the holiest bible believing all knowing Pentecostal. But they are mean and have a stinging hand on the hip ugly attitude.

  14. And if your not equally yoke with people even family keep them out your house. Because there will be constant disagreement. And your home should be a refuge. Especially on the religious beliefs.

  15. Thank you so much for this timely teaching. Yah knows I've allowed miserable family members to disturb my peace. I will meditate on these precepts until I am steadfast and unmovable. Shalom!!

  16. John 14:27King James Version (KJV)

    27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

  17. This lesson/message is so….. True!! I've been going through this for years!!! At home, school, out with friends, family, work! No matter what that evil wicked devil is always around trying to stir up trouble!! But hey, I got YAH!! YAH=peace!!

  18. Time for me to shut my mouth… Its so hard when you are caught up in a conversation. Even a few choice words may slip out. Self control is a must.

  19. I love you and appreciate the work you do. Thank you for another wonderful and timely message and the scriptures and examples are most appreciated! Praise Yahuah!

  20. love you too family you are my Sabbath day assembly I have learned a lot from the teachings may YAH get the Glory


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