Gun violence in US: How easy is it to buy a gun in America? | International News | WION

At least 17 people were injured in the New York subway shooting and 5 of them are in critical but stable condition. In the latest update, the New York police department has identified a person of interest. The Brooklyn shooting has reignited the gun debate in the United States.

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Comment (44)

  1. Hes black, hates the ny mayor,scotus white husband , homelessness, crime, a racist who fears racism ( illegals) . Thinks white outreach workers are pedophiles. Republicans didnt create this monster the left did! Ps ny andcalif have the strongest gun laws in the country.

  2. Classic misdirection. "You do not need a permit to carry concealed weapons in 23 states". How about New York where this crime actually occurred? Does NY require one? (Hint: Yes). Did it stop this incident? (Hint: No). Permits do nothing to stop crime.. If they did, we could simply require a permit for all crimes. How about the illegal guns and strawmen purchases? Those are illegal too – does it stop them?

    Calling gun violence an epidemic is just fear mongering and dishonest. It paints crime as a public health issue. Why is use of alcohol, pot, cigarettes, gambling, bar brawls not "epidemic"?

    Did Palki Sharma actually attempt to buy a gun legally? You should try that sometime. 58 % of Americans have experienced gun terror? Really? Care to cite sources?

    The gun store owner refusing to talk to the media should tell you all you need to know. The media largely paints guns as the problem instead of our morals, social ethics, and breakdown of the family – which they fully encourage.

    48% of Americans see "gun terror" as a big problem. 52% don't. I am not even a gun owner, but this post is simply to point out the hypocrisy of the media.

  3. Wow people are actually supporting and saying it's to defend against criminals and It's amusing when you say criminals can acquire guns regardless, Whom are you referring to as criminals is it the young kids that are firing at fellow students or are you talking about metally unstable people who are making a mess in their neighborhood? or is it perhaps the delusional and the drugged youth??see the criminals you talking were just normal citizens right before committing the crimes and the hard core criminals aren't actually stupid enough open fire at some random persons for fun and there are also police to deal with them.

  4. Arms are the right of Americans, it’s not firearms that kill people but but Criminals possessing firearms.
    America needs improved background check system and not heightened restrictions.

  5. Violence (Esp. Gun Violence) is much lower in states without restrictive licensing. As a side note, illegal arms are faster and easier to get than legal arms.

  6. Many caucasians in America are comfortable carrying a gun. This explains their culture, they don't see anything wrong with it. Politicians see a business opportunity in this. Their country their choice, let them carry, shoot or do whatever they want. Until they poke into another country's affairs , none should really matter.

  7. Bet Ukraine wishes more people had guns! – Europe will figure out how important they are (Apx – 1 gun per 4 people in Europe.)

  8. @ 3:09 58% of Americans have Experienced gun terror Is BS! – WION Losing Credibility by the syllable…
    (Just Like The Rest Of LEFTIST MEDIA)

  9. Rittenhouse did not go on a rampage, he defended himself against a violent mob, and was declared not guilty.

  10. As an american i was a part of a mass shooting that happened inside of a mall a few years ago. Its so normal now that u just hide behind the counter and wait for it to be over before going home…i didnt feel shocked just felt sad that i would never see my mom or my husband again…thats what i was thinking at the time holding a random child in my arms so i could shield her from any bullets. I didnt bother to tell my family about it , because there were lots of mass shootings in the news at the time and i didnt want them to worry

  11. Control very closed the people who sale them first and the people they sale it could be an start. But refuse to the cost for this control is greater than dose life loss everyday🥺

  12. People no being allowed to arm and defend themselves is why these events continue to happen—liberals have made this cesspool!

  13. Of course it reignites the debate. President flash bang oh I’m sorry I meant Biden. Biden on his schedule two weeks ago was scheduled to speak about gun reform in this country. And then like magic there’s another shooting. It’s so weird how the shootings come out right when they’re about ready to bring up the issue of guns again in our country. You can have my guns when you prime from my cold dead fingers. We have a right to bear arms and it shall not be infringed. They will try and they will fail like they always have. The only way they will ever get Americans guns as if they do it by force. That will not work out well for them.

  14. well most from usa are quite touchy on this subject – well d report is more or less from INDIAN POV

    like democracy , human rights , climate change to more recent inflation , usa invasions vs russian invasions , food security – its all a subjective matter especially more dependent on local factors contributing it

    1] for almost whole of asia & africa – guns are not of priority , except for occupational purpose

    2] some say its written in constitution , I am unaware of your constitution so I wont comment on it but if owning a gun is a right then there should be inputs of defending against it & prevent its misuse.

    we have many here of misusing the basic right to freedom of speech to instigate violence [ mostly encouraged by social media ] but we have some defined limits to that freedom

    3] defense complex & its unquestioned dominance is the main reason – it manipulates ur law , news & social media

    I dont know if preventing gun violence is poll promise by any party – if yes , how much of it is implemented

    4] hunting wildlife as a hobby is also a contributing factor – growing up watching cartoons , it was utter nonsense & criminal to have hunting seasons & that tooo of normalising it through cartoons in innocent young minds

    5] world is uncertain & much of it is not so resourceful as usa – so for them losing a life in school / college or even hospital to a unhappy maniac is quite stressful

    6] dont take it as criticism but as concern as we do have our people out there in your country

    7] I dont know how much u have to face guns in daily life but d guns should be off limits in schools , colleges , hospitals [ of course with exemption of security staff ]

    8] at last treat them as terrorism – disclose the source of weapons , ya dont let them out on bails – dont let them make a mockery of the lost precious lives

    jai hind
    stay safe

  15. Your spreading alot of disinformation in any country you can get guns illegally and will never change its every one's right to have a weapon if they qualify but it's the illegal guns flooding the country that criminals get and make avenge people want to get a gun for protection.

  16. Gun control is about exploiting tragedies to make people helpless like they are in australia. Notice they do not do ANYTHING to address the root cause of these murders. Often, authorities have dropped the ball and are complicit, like in this case – a known potentially violent pro-BLM threat was tracked but not prevented from committing the crime.

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  18. In India too we should make it easy for all to carry guns, as the govt mechanism is highly corrupt and there is no safety or security. Giving guns to all will help to avoid situations like that faced by kashimir pundits.

  19. Very easy to buy a gun. I walk in a store ask to see a particular gun, they hand it to me. I SAY "I will take it". Hand them the money after the instacheck ID. I now own the gun. Sign affidavit. Grab gun. Leave.

  20. It's not guns that need regulating. It's people like this. He was obviously and publically absorbed in his ideology and they did nothing. They WANT people to lash out like this so that they have a case for gun control. Oh and btw uh…yes you do need a license to carry and in New York it's not even legal to carry so maybe you should like…research these things first.

  21. Notice the gun rights nobody's talking about it it's just like last time nobody talks about it then there's a mass shooting then everybody talks about it and they don't talk about it in Chicago now they just use automatic pistols instead of automatic SKS their pistols are fully automatic a minor tune up on the back of it turns it into automatic

  22. Anytime if there is shooting happens anywhere in the US, it’s all about gun control. This should change. The LEFT always go after gun makers. Both sides need to realize why gun violence happens? It’s all about strict enforcement of current rules & the implementation of “an eye for an eye” rule of law like in the Middle East. Our society is all about relaxed rules & loopholes for the criminals but NOT for the victim & their families. UNTIL there is strict legal consequences of a crime, SADLY these kind of gun violences COULD occur🤨

  23. People with a moral compass don't kill . When you morally debase a society make socialism your new religion or cult that's what you end up with .When you have no right or wrong anything goes .


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