H-uman Pigs and Pig Monkeys

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Comment (44)


  2. Bringing the 2010 Movie: The Island Of Dr. Moreau into existence smh. WOW, this is unbelievable. What is the purpose, to try and outdo TMH Creations?

  3. This is nothing new, you are not up to date; and it's not crazy. there are all kind of creatures running around because we have all kind of criminals on this land mass.

  4. Ecclesiastes 1:9- This tye of stuff makes me think about the Centaur and Minotaur from Roman mythology things that we have been programmed to think are fairytales

  5. America is Babylon America had passed the gay law God Israel the god of Israel the god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob destroyed this city in the old testament but the spirit never repented it over jazzabelle spirit and it's all the way in the New testament America is the horse sitting on the wall America is there a hore sitting on the waters America is Babylon see the things they doing gay people got regular rights like real people like regular people the gays got rights America going out having a gay president of the United States of America welcome to Babylon America is Babylon and it'll Jezebel spirit and never repeated in the old testament she all the way over in the New testament we are living in the last days America is Babylon the horse sitting on the waters we are living in the last days and where I live in Bible prophecy be of a good cheer

  6. The Messiah coming back with vengeance vengeance is my saith the Lord and he coming back with his staff and he's slicing and dicing pig flesh he slice and dice and pig flesh all power from heaven and earth going to be given unto the Messiah and he coming down here a esta lion the tribe of Judah and he come down here to judge and he coming down here with raft of God in America is Babylon

  7. Make you truly wonder, where are they getting the human organs, perhaps from the missing people around America, 🤔 just saying 😱

  8. I've known about this since the early 90's. We were taught about this in cellular biology in college. The videos we watched were clearly 20+years old back then.

  9. I saw the pig lady hanging out with sasquatch at the seatac airport, must have been waiting to catch a flight back to Detroit.

  10. As in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the SON OF MAN….. man hearts will fail them from what's coming on the earth! These creatures are apart of satans army. Choose CHRIST THE MESSIAH, AND BE SET FREE.

  11. The Bible says in the last days, That it would be like the days of Noah , for the fallen angels intermingled with the women of men , but besides the women they also intermingle with the animals on Earth .. so the seeds of these fallen ones they're offsprings are still around so their children are still doing the same old. What does the Bible say nothing new under the sun. Back when they would be eating and drinking of human flesh and blood the Giants the nephilim the fallen ones, there still people doing that today, and I believe they're the seed of those same ones, just different houses that they're living in..

  12. This is why I believe the Egyptian God's being part human and part jackal, and part Falcon and, etc existed, cross breeding with Giants, they were huge like the statues and the people small, no surprised at all!! Nothing new under the sun!!

  13. These pig monkeys need to grow sooooooooooooo big and out of control and eat all of them up , maybe they would stop then.

  14. Well well I never. No surprise. Everything being done has already been done. Who are the humans they're going to experiment with on a mass scale I wonder? As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end…


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