Halt the supply of weapons to Ukraine, says Russian President Putin | World News | WION

Russian president Vladimir Putin has asked the West to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine. In a telephonic conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron, Putin accused Ukraine of committing war crimes and accused Europe of ignoring them.

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Comment (40)

  1. The world is funding Putin's war by buying his Oil and Gas, but at the same time the world is sending weapons to the Ukraine to fight Russia… Exactly what is the expected outcome of this madness???

  2. boris and biden they dont want this war to end……how can you stop the war by supplying weapons? you started this war ….we know you people…..you have killed in many countries …..

  3. Europe is fuelling this war,,
    And Putin won't back down, he will release nuclear weapons. It's not looking good at all

  4. The world is outraged Us. Who put adem shif. In charge of Us led war with Russia .over there so the Us don't get trashed. Why is Adam shift. In charge of proxy war .does bydon kno

  5. Ask China and India what is their role in fostering peace in Asia, they will say, we are protecting our selfish interest..the west will always protect their own..No To INVASON..

  6. Putin is going in for cancer surgery in the near future and he will probably be killed on the operating table. The Russians have a history of disposing of troublemakers that way. Straight from the Stalin playbook.

  7. Russia…vs… all NATO & USA…. hahaha… cowards never rest in peace….they destroyed USSR…now Russia…🙏
    USA & NATO…will supply weapons to poor country Ukraine…just like they supply weapons to terrorist activities…. note… free weapons to poor Taliban… LoL 😭😂😭😎

  8. Poor Russia yall where my favorite country. It’s sad to see the country I live in destroy you. Sorry guys.

  9. You coward! Are you not the one started the war in Ukraine? Verily accusing the Ukraine of war crimes doesn't make sense. You may want to divert the world attention from Bucha Massacre? You soon forgot the Bucha genocide? "Everybody knew what Russia has committed in Bucha was war crimes" United Nations must depend the Ukraine from Russian invasion.

  10. The west is sending weapons for them to fight until the last Ukrainian. Nobody win in war. Poor citizens of the world have to suffer because of the evil politician.

  11. Well actually Ukrainian Army literally has committed war crimes on videos.
    Eg. Killing and shooting PoW.
    And things not on video but obvious- like holding civilians as meatshields.

  12. How much weapons actually make it to the warzone?
    How many weapons end up on the black market?
    Who takes account of these weapons if any go missing in transit?

  13. For those still not knowing about the letter „Z“ on the Russian tanks: It was also used by the German Nazi‘s under the SS Tank division:

    „4th SS Polizei Panzergrenadier Division.“

    This again raises some questions about Russias Neo-Nazi glorifications like the Wagner Group which was named after Hitlers favorite composer Richard Wagner. The „leader“ of the Wagner Group is Dmitry Utkin, a man with the SS runes tattooed on his neck who received a „medal of honor“ from Putin itself.

    You can verify all of this by using Google and/or some history books!

  14. Zelinsky, Putin and the NATO are having fun destroying Ukraine and killing its people for their own benefit.

  15. "Without American machines the United Nations could never have won the war." -Joseph Stalin (1943)

    "Today [1963] some say the Allies didn't really help us … But listen, one cannot deny that the Americans shipped over to us material without which we could not have equipped our armies held in reserve or been able to continue the war." -Marshal of the Soviet Union, Georgy Zhukov

    History is repeating itself and Russia finds itself on the wrong side of a War this time. Americans are pragmatic, if anything.

  16. If Putin is serious about his nation's security, he would use this time to contact Lukashenko, Tokayev, and Aliyev to send some troops over to the Finnish border to assist his soldiers for potential raid against the government to prevent the country from joining NATO ahead of PM Sanna Marin and her president's decision for NATO membership. Otherwise, he's just gonna lose by letting the west take Saint Petersburg hostage.

  17. Sorry putin but that's war ,both sides have been brutal in this war ,putin will be screaming when Ukraine starts going into Russia

  18. The most unfortunate part of it the British citizens will be conscious of their government catastrophic foreign led war policies when it will be too late to ask for change and focus on own domestics problems.

  19. How cant russia take this as act of war aginst russia when all those send arms to ukrain. Many countrys Will get hit


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