Harriet Tubman responds to the hate after the plan to put her face on the 20 dollar bill & Sandra Bl

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  1. old heads are seeing freedoms disappear, students are screaming and voting communist, and Democrats are selling blacks the false picket fence dollar worshipping American dream that white Americans bought in the 1800s now that whites are tapping out for liberty instead of big government

  2. Sista, thank you so much. I feel the same way, they are still laughing in our faces… Especially when they have already told us that they plan to chip us and paper money won't even exist!!! Shalom

  3. may seem like a somber truth to many . but this has always been the hope of the slave .

  4. Harriet Tubman was the 1st American Gangster: followed later by Nat Turner. & fuck Ben Carson & other sellouts like him. I meant what I said. Delete comment if u wish. Peace.

  5. African War Lords SOLD there OWN people,no African was ever taken at Gun point,go speak to the tour guides in Africa.

  6. Ashe 'O~Manifest!!!! Our DeVine Empress Harriet Tubman (You Have Come Back) We Give Praises To Our Ancient Ancestors Within!!!!! We Honor & RA-Spect You!!!!!!👀👁🏆🥇🙏🏿🌹✊🏿🎶❤️💙💯🦋👍🏿💕🌺💖

  7. Black wont come together because we to busy trying keep up with the white race. Buying million dollar cars and homes out in Hollywood thinking the white race love them.


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