Has the US finally has abandoned Israel

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  1. I love you elders may the Lord continue to bless you and your family and those who tune in to your channel believing they could learn true teaching from you and your family if anyone think finding salvation is impossible on this time you and your family is proof that we need to try harder love ya God bless ya I know ya are great on this soil and will have a great sit in heaven my spirit push me to say this thank you

  2. There are evidence of white out right here in North American with the black and white relationship population growth.

  3. No mention of the leprosy where YAH pronounced if it being a leprosy that covers the whole body then that person is considered to be clean. This is where the breakdown of pigmentation came that introduced the whites and mingled pigmentation into the world.

  4. edom is NOT the white man edom is the arabs mixed Ishmael and Esau. the heathen and strangers are the white man. note E  Sau di   Arabia..the muslims.  anyway they all worship Allah

  5. I am in sin. I want to change but I can't. What should I do. I was born in Haiti. Im a descendant of slaves. And I am an Israelite. I don't want to go to hell. Help me family. Help me

  6. I really hope,as a white man who is coming to this truth,that all the Israilates will one day be in ther land,and that famillies will huging just like you brother hugded DeboraYAH in this last 2 minutes of video…and i must admit,i hade chanse to marry black woman from Africa (possible Israilate) but because im really sick of whitewashing and white rice,i will not do the same wickednes that Edom did…maybe me,as a white man Yah will not save cuz of all the sins that i have done and behaviors that was…descusting… but,from the bottom of my heart i really hope that all Yahs people will be in Israel together and,thats the only how things should play out to the end…Shalom familly and i wish you all the best 🙂

  7. The Bible is fake and if you are still believing in it you are trapped in white mental slavery. By propping it up you are giving power to the people you claim are your enemies. How convenient a book that claims that a certain people are the one and only chosen people of God. When you subscribe to it you prop them up even when you say/think you aren't, that is how that works.

  8. The State of Israel is a Zionist contrived abomination. True Jews distance themselves from what we know is "The State of Israel." Trump supports Israel because he owes millions upon millions to the bank of Rothschild WHO created what we know as Israel, but careful!!….use discernment!! Know that The Most High dispersed The Israelites until Yahusha's 2nd coming like it says in The Bible.

  9. Let's keep it real let's keep it a hundred and 10% not 100% but 110% it's not about land it's about religion

  10. The US will never abandon Isreal. The trouble you're trying to stir up is so typical of evildoers. _Debra graveen

  11. SkIn, SKIN, SKIN IJS. 1 Corinthians 15:52 At the last trump (the furthest one out) ALL will be changed. The good bad and the ugly. CHRIST HAS RETURNED 🌏. IF YOUR FLESH CHASE THE ANTICHRIST DOWN TO GAIN FAVOR, Revelation 13:8
    Revelation chapter nine that strong delusion of it's CHRIST. CAN'T wait to play hide and seek?
    Revelation chapter 17 Satan running his government. Revelation 17:15 means what it says. Water are the people. That whore Babylon represents all religions.

  12. Maybe they said " US only allies" because the US is sending foreign Aid, our tax dollars to Israel and has been doing this for years but I understand that kuwait is an ally also but, they don't send Kuwait millions of our tax dollars….Israel $2961,000,000 & Afghanistan $4533,000,000 Egypt-$1566,000,000 Jordan- $1211,000,000..these are foreign aid figures as of 2017…Ya'll so sweet together….thank you family for allowing us to study with you

  13. I just SoundHound that song the blood still works off of that movie I couldn't watch the movie because I heard that choir and it made me stop the movie to SoundHound the song.that is amazing that you played that song on your other video.what a timing


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