Have eviI AngeIs been dispatched among BIack peopIe?

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  1. Why did you all leave Christianity? I'm asking because I don't want to be in anything that I'm not suppose too be in. I'm after righteous.
    Thanks 😊 so much.

  2. I love y'all! Shalom. Btw I'm in Detroit. Y'all both look familiar. I came out of Greater Grace Temple and other P.AW churches. The truth has made me free! Thanks for all yall do.

  3. I use to get so much knowledge from this wise man and I'll never forget one of the last thing he told me and that was "Niggas are demons and they have nothing to do with Black people or blackness. We just came up with a word to define their unusual behavior but do not be fooled they are not us. The color of your skin does not define you, you behavior, actions and who you choose as your God, defines you" He later explained that demons have been dispatched to attack all of what god views as beautiful, children, women and especially Black Folks. When you see a pregnant black woman at the club drinking as she wears a mini skirt she is not a black woman but a demonically possessed woman. when you see a black man pants saggin as he loud talks a female in a disgusting manner he is not a black man but a demonically possessed black man. When You see a black man achieving the highest of offices in the land but does not do one thing for his people it is clear he does not view them as his people for he too is demonically possessed and hates them. Look beyond color. skin color is no more and can only be viewed as a clue to who the person next to you really is.

  4. 'We've had decades and decades and decades of feel good messages from the Christians…enough of that', I love it! Teach me out of Babylon!!! I'm losing daylight going over your past videos. Where have you been all my life?! Or better question…What have I been doing out in this world and why?!

  5. You have to think about it, the scripture said reserved. That means at a time appointed. But God do have angels that do his will. Rather its good or otherwise. Usually when God send a angel on someone its because they have shown a repetitive degree for disobedience. I will give you a example king saul. And some of the time its the evil in our own hearts like homosexuality. People say its a spirit but the word lets you know its you being giving over to your ownself.

  6. Not only blacks but us Mexican Crypto Jews that are in Bay Area are infested with Demons inside of homeless meth Addicts and our own familys

  7. Yah spanks us back on path.Yah runs both side.Jesus said I'm the morningstar.He said you think I came here peace.No I come with a sworfd to decide mother against father and so forth to bring us back to him.Thats a strict father who loves us

  8. The book that was taken out of the scriptures. It tells what happens after the soul leaves the body. Stop dancing around with the scriptures. If your going to be righteous read and teach the right way. All not what you want to teach. If your filled like you say, only the most high knows that. But I'm saying this. Teach after death on EARTH. What happens to our soul. Teach it.

  9. Your friends with pastor Dowell. He has that book. He read some of it. It will wake up everyone on Earth. They will truly fear the most high.

  10. I’m a firm BELIEVER in REPENTANCE! I read Psalm 51 almost every day, every chance I get. I want to make sure my heart is right with Yah!

  11. Many are called and few are chosen and then there are those that are annointed, subsequently there are those that are fully cursed. Stay PRAYED UP PEOPLE AND KEEP THE LAWS/COMMANDMENTS

  12. Such an insightful teaching! This truly led me to examine all the events that have transpired in my life and some of the negative patterns that I've not attained victory over. We have more power over what happens in our lives than we think! Moses told the children of Yarsharel ( Israel) to choose life and blessings! He was giving them the answer to how to avoid a life of sickness, poverty, and death. May YAH draw us to a life of repentance and obedience.

  13. We have been deceived and separated from the Laws of Yah. We have been taught in Christianity that the laws are done away with, and that it is freedom to be outside the Law. Also that keeping the Law is returning to bondage. That is a big part of the problem. We are blind in that way. We do not realise that returning to the Law and Commandments is key to our salvation and restoration.

  14. I'm enjoying this truth. It's interesting🤔. I know our people are cursed because of being rebellious and stiffnecked. Angels? Wow..its amazing teaching👑🙏🏾📖

  15. Ecclestiastiuss says take no man to friend least he overtake you in decption. Israel has no friends. Live set apart, follow Torah and repent daily unto righteousness…HalleluYah for this lesson. Todah Yahuah for Watchman and Deborah Yah

  16. We have to repent concerning the lite haitian apostacy revolution. leaving the priesthood of Yahawah; taking on the anti messiahship

  17. Praises To Yah all things works for our good, nevertheless Thank our Yah, He is in control Amen. Praises To The Holy One…Yah Bless yous' for the teachings of the day God Bless❤💕


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