Have you activated the Judgment of (God) Yah against yourself?

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  1. Thank you for this much needed straight to the mind and soul video,may the creator bless you and your family for your great teaching!!

  2. My mother has gone asleep years now, and I can't remember me asking her for forgiveness for being a disrespectful child. I've repented but still feel a guilt in my heart, this message has convicted me for so many things. I've done and thought wrong of and to others, and I repented of it all. Turmoil and conviction has lead me to confess my faults to the world and people who I've wrong, in Yahusha's name Abba YAH… PLEASE FOR GIVE MY WICKED THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS, TO ALL I HAVE WRONGED IN MY LIFETIME. HALLELUYAH

  3. So true sister! The California fire, the white people are saying it is a punishment for what they did to the Indians, but not what they did to the blacks! These people have so much hatred and pride, they will not admit the truth! They think black people are nothing!

  4. Sirach 9:18
    18 “A man of an ill tongue is dangerous in his city; and he that is rash in his talk shall be hated.”
    Sirach 32:8
    8 “Let your speech be short, comprehending much in few words; be as one that knows and yet holds his tongue.”

    Shabbat Shalom

  5. That's one happy duck. Loved the message. When I see these guys on the corner being so rude and unkind to.white people it hurt me to see them being spoken to that way.


  7. These people in America they refuse to repent as a matter fact they say, we didn’t do it there ancestors did
    It .you need to get over it and move on and (get off the plantation)

    Mat 24: 30-36
    God is clear


  9. All Praises to the Most High! I am so thankful for you and your family and the sacrifices that you have made to follow the Most High. I've learned so much from you. This video is a wake up call for me because in a way I have been Jonah. I know what I'm supposed to do and I have only done a part of it as if it's enough. I repent of it. Thank you so much. I am praying for you Sis. Please stay strong. Your family is helping so many. Shalom!

  10. Please have mercy on my soul for my knowing and unknowing deeds! ALL GLORY TO THE CREATOR!

  11. The real truth is that judgement is already been activated on everyone except those who are in the book of life. But we must ask how to deactivate judgement on ourselves.

  12. So much truth spoken in this lesson. I ask God (Jesus) for forgiveness daily. I am so UNperfect and a slave to this flesh. Lord please have mercy on my wrenched soul. There's an old Chinese proverb that states, "He who seek revenge against another, should dig 2 graves". Thank you sister for your shared wisdom.

  13. FATHER YAH, I openly and behind close doors, I Repent of ALL my transgressions, give me a clean heart, please let my works be pleasing to YOU, and please place my feet upon a righteous pathway doing YOUR WILL. Those who set up traps of any kinds, FATHER YAH allow them to stumble and fall at my footsteps and let it be known that YOU are the only YAH, I ask this prayer in the name of YOUR SON YAHUSHA……….Thank YOU FATHER YAH for placing Sis Deborah and Bro Watchman on my path to minister YOUR WORD, and bless all my family and us all……..Shalom Family…..🙌🏾🛐🙏🏾

  14. Bible verse job 9-24 and when I pray I pray for the salvation of my people but they refuse to listen so judgment will come and we are in the last days this is for you 1-timothy 2-11-12 reed matthew 10-34 the white man is the satan army of Israel allready told you stop putting hexes on my people

  15. Wouldn't it make sense for the Lord to remove His people from Babylon b4 He destroys it? Why would the Lord use so many scriptures to tell His people to flee, escape, get out and all the words that have the root meaning of physically fleeing if He meant "repenting," a word or term He has directly used somewhere else for spiritual repentance? Does it mean Babylon will also be spiritually destroyed to then be inhabited by spiritual animals and no man for ever? If someone wanted to destroy a house with bad guys mixed in there with His children and He even tells His children to flee out of the house, wouldn't it be common sense that He expects His children to get out of the house before it is destroyed rather than expecting God to destroy the house first then get them out? Was Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed first and Lot rescued later? Why would God tell His people to deliver themselves out of the land of the North if He will be the one coming to get them out physically? We believe God's children need to prep and flee and God will make them ready to make the move in His ordained time. But telling people not to make any efforts or prep to flee daughter Babylon is risking making God's complacent and putting them at risk of being caught up in the destruction of Babylon. The Bible says even those (heathens and Israelites) who remain in Babylon after it is destroyed will go back to their own people and the land will be inhabited by wild animals. So why not trust God to help His people get out before the destruction. Even heathens are fleeing, how foolish for God's children to be telling each other to chill around when God has said FLEE WITH THY LIFE, DELIVER THYSELF BEFORE BABYLON IS DESTROYED?

    Fleeing Babylon b4 it is destroyed will still take God's hand and we saw that and prayed about the various scriptures and are convinced it means physically leaving. Please look at all these scriptures Zechariah 2:7-9, Revelation 18:4, Jeremiah 51:6, Isaiah 48:20, Jeremiah 25:14, Jeremiah 48:6, Jeremiah 50:8, Jeremiah 50:15, and Jeremiah 51:54. Yall need to flee Afr and blend in like Jesus and Moses when they escaped Herod's and Pharaoh's wrath. Jesus died to avail us repentance unto salvation, why would God then tell us to flee specifically Babylon and the land of the North and not other geographical locations if it is repentance He meant? I think you are interpreting it the way we thought the scripture in Corinthians says, when we still in the Christian church and didn't even know that we are the Israelites and that daughter Babylon is the US/North America. Please pray about it. Should be prayerfully prepping to head to Africa with God's help and in His time. Ask for contacts/help.

  16. Also wanted to share this video with you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyS0jidEsKE showing The lost tribes of Israel in Africa have maintained Old Testament Jewish traditions for about 2700 and were interrupted by colonialists who came and abolished or discouraged those practices including the OT practice of sacrificing lambs, which colonialist called "animism." Circumcision and many other Old Testament keeping of the law are still practiced today by many of the lost tribes of Israel and many have also adopted modern day Christianity. Please recognize and respect the lost tribes of Israel in Sub-Saharan Africa who also suffered the curses of Deuteronomy 28 in the form of colonialism. There was also RACIAL SEGREGATION in AFRICA during COLONIALISM and EVEN TODAY Africans (including lost tribes in Africa) continue to suffer from neo-colonialism. Many people from the lost tribes of Israel in Africa were killed, raped, tortured and had their land taken and forced to work as slaves on those very farms by colonialists. The awakening of the true children of Israel is world-wide and no devil of confusion will stop the move of God to reveal and awaken the lost tribes.

    Hamites in Africa are Nilotes and Cushites but there Israelites among the BANTU tribes in Africa! The most INTACT LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL ARE IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA! In the USA and around the 4 corners of the world is mainly Judah. There are some lost Israelites around the "Middle East" Isaiah 11:11-12 but the majority of the 11 tribes of Israel are in Sub-Saharan Africa Zephania 3:10. In South Africa there is Xhosa-speakers like the Bantu Zulus (Tribe of Gad) Genesis 49: 19 Gad, a troop shall overcome him: but he shall overcome at the last. South African Zulus were overcome by Boer colonizers but recently (1994) they overcame them. Mandela is from the tribe of Gad. In South Africa and Zimbabwe there is the Lemba (Bantu) tribe. In Rwanda there are the Tutsis (Bantu) who suffered a genocide in 1994 where about 1.5 million were killed within 4 months civil-war with Hutus (Hamites). In Kenya there is the Bantu tribe called Kikuyu (literary meaning FIG Tree – a symbol of Israel!) representing the Tribe of Asher!

    In Ethiopia there is the Beta Yisrael tribe of Dan. In Uganda there is Abayudaya tribe. In Tanzania there is the Chagga tribe. In Congo there is one other lost tribe of Israel there. In Namimbia and Angola there are also tribes of Israel. In West Africa there are the Igbos from whom some of the African American (Judah) were taken as slaves. There are also the Yorubas, Ewe and several other tribes that were part of the original Hebrew Israelites of West Africa. There is Ashanti in Ghana. So, when you arrogantly dismiss all Africans as Hamites you vex the Holy Spirit and turn off many fellow Israelites in and or from Africa, thus you enable the devil to divide and rule. Remember Jesus said the world will be moved by our UNITY (as the whole house of Israel 12 tribes) in Him. You are not even sure whether you are Judah, Bejamin or Levi; plus remember that during the slave trade some Hamites were snatched alongside genuine children of Israel and taken to the Americas as slaves. We suspect a lot of the noise-makers causing confusion amongst the Israelites are Hamites that were mistakenly taken as slaves with genuine Judah, Levi and Benjamin.

  17. Shalom,Shalom sister Deborah. This message has given me a lot to think about and repent of everything I have done against anyone unrighteously. I want to be right in all things that I think, say and do with our father Abba Yah.

  18. Sister, I Agree with You, Respectfully. The Problem basically is The Confusion, that has come through this Social Media. What People don't know, has been Systematically Hidden from Them. What goes around, comes around. Black People, right along with everybody else, really need to Stop lying, so much to One another. One of The Main Problems, is (Deception). Yah already know whose who, and what's to come. PEACE AND BLESSINGS TO YOU, AND YOURS…..

  19. A Prophet sent this prayer to me to pray daily against word curses and l edited it to reflect me as an Isrealite. Every negative word spoken against me, my life and my family will fall to the ground and die by the FIRE of Yah in the name of Yahusha Hamashiach!!!

  20. I think we all probably have! If someone says or believes they haven't… then they just definitely did because they are lying! People often lie to themselves to try to satisfy a deep, deep, deep, deep fear, pain, disgrace, tension, or trauma.

  21. Wow, I wasn't too long to discover your channel, but I never thought people are that evil. I pray favor, blessings, & protection for you both & your followers

  22. I am so sorry for any wrongs i have said and done to anyone and i pray that they and YAH can forgive me

  23. I am sorry Sister Deborah for the things I agreed upon about you from someone who I thought was being true.

    I should have never agreed I do apologize.

  24. Wow the evil of this world. Thank you for this word. I will write this on my heart and this will be spreaded to others.

  25. Is it wrong to ask God for judgement against slavery .
    And the nerve of white people to tell us to forget it .
    I know I am not God but it bothers me a lot . And to see all the police brutality and the murder against blacks because they can . I know some blacks are mean , but so are they .


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