Hayrides, fellowship, kids playing, & more at the Qodesh Events Gathering

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  1. I find the peaceful people combined with the natural scenery and open spaces; and the background music very therapeutic. I feel myself smiling as I watch.

  2. So serene and peaceful and the music just sets the tone. Such a beautiful event. Praying that my Family will make it next year. HalleluYAH!!! Praise YAH for the work that you do to bond and build the Kingdom. Glorious event indeed!!!

  3. I smiled every scene of the way. Just felt a glow go over my face. So beautiful to see Yah's people in harmony !

  4. Awe!!! Shalom Watchman family 🌼💐🌻💐🌼💐🌻💐🌼💐.. I'm so proud of you all for teaching our People Peace, Love, Happiness & Truth..

  5. All l can say,is l Love you xoxoxo family and hopefully one day my husband and I will be able to come and fellowship with you all 😄😘

  6. Want to be there sooo sooo sooo bad ! I can taste it !! I can feel the spirit of the MOST HIGH as I watch this so I know it was thick in person ! Praise YAH!! Thank you all for being vessels to bless others with events like this and educational videos as well.

  7. How often are the events I see one coming up end of June but I won't be able to make it ! Going to try …. August or September would be even better time ! I'll be watching to see when the next one is

  8. Wish to have the opportunity to meet you someday. Your family seem like such genuine people who actually care about the fellow humans there. No faking, Yah bless you 🙏🏾I enjoy MarieYahs recipes 😊

  9. Yes, I enjoyed this video too. How wonderful it is to see bretheren dwell in unity; and peaceful. People need that connection with like minded people. Deborah, Watchmen, I watch you guys alot. May Yah bless you for the tireless work that you both do. We need more people like you.

  10. I hoping that I can make the next Qodesh Event and even get re-baptized. I would need to stay at a hotel because I am in a wheelchair. Pray for me that Yah works out my finances to come.

  11. Love is Love my Family, Todah ABBA YAH and thanks to YAHUSHA Ha'mishiac halleluYAH…. QAM YASHARAHLA! I wish I could have been there!

  12. If it be the Most High's will, me and my fam are gone make it to Qodesh event. I love to see my people serving TMH and having a blast. Keep us in this wicked Kingdom as we're rising and fellowshipping Abba Yah. Deborah Yah& Watcman Yahu, your hebrew brothers and sisters love what you all are doing! This is what has been missing.. You all bring the spiritual side of fellowship, loving kindness, open mindedness, going back to healing and being in the spirit, etc. It's more than just waking up and knowing who we are. Keep it up! All praises to our Abba Yah! HalleluYah!

  13. Absolutely amazing video I just love everything about it I'm new to your channel and I'm learning more and more everyday by watching you thank you so much

  14. Beautiful event and videography. Shalom Shalom family and friends. I really enjoyed everything, very peaceful. Todah Yahuah for all that You have created! HALLELUYAH. I love and appreciate you both for this loving and blessed vision and Ministry. Be blessed. Yea, Watchman, YAH's GRACE IS GOOD. Praises to Abba our


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