HEALTH WARNING! The Blood Pressure Drug Recall Has Been VASTLY EXPANDED For The 5th Time!

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Comment (26)

  1. I have been take a high pressure medication Lisinopril-HCTZ for years and I am told I have Pityriasis Rosea and have the warning stay out of the sun for long periods of time…SMH, ain't that something

  2. Thank you Soo much..I'm sharing for others ..I hope they see my post and read.. GOD bless you Sir.🙏💙 I have my struggles also and am praying to get away from pills ..Paxill and blood pressure..I'm eating less meat and don't want anymore meat..I'm sop happy I found you on YouTube..💙💙🙏 to GOD be the GLORY …HALLELUJAH FATHER 💙💜💙

  3. Don’t forget the LORSARTAN and ZANTAC.. Thank-You so much, SIR. That LISINOPRIL put me in the hospital.


  4. Great Commentary Brother Jordon will continue to share this in with other, may YAH blessing be upon you and your ministry and family.Shalom!

  5. There is something called Tikva and it will lower the blood pressure and clear closteral naturally. Tikva is a Hebrew word, it means hope.

  6. I work in a cardiologist office. I had to make a telephone encounter one day. I was to tell a patient she could help her situation if she exercised and changed her eating habits or she can take medication… she chose the medication.
    I can only say so much but I do let ppl know eating healthy is the key with exercise.

  7. Before WWII, There was know such thing as hi blood and cancer, until the pharma companies took over our Health , we forgot what we were taught from our parents and grandparents!

  8. What can I eat to wean myself off Lisinopril please … you have a supplement?, when I try to eat right and wean myself off my BP goes extremely high.

  9. Thank you as always for this information..I am wondering can anyone out there help me in anyway as I am on warfarin (it's actually rat poison!) blood thinner as I have a replacement heart valve so my blood has to be thinner..Does anyone out there know of a more natural remedy to replace this warfarin that is of course poison..

  10. I agree with what you’re saying. I ordered one of your books this month. My concern is with the chemicals they spray fruits and vegetables with. They’ve destroyed the top soil so we’re getting more chemicals unless we can grow our own fruits and vegetables. Are there any kinds of meat we can eat that’s safe. God said certain animals would be for meat for these bodies. He tells us in the book of Leviticus which animals we can eat. Do you believe he didn’t know what they would do to the soil or water? Bottom line is we have to eat or starve.


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