Hear O Yisrael Re-upload

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Comment (26)

  1. Shabbat Shawalam Mispacha,

    I'm concerned because this isn't like Watchmen nore Deborah to not go live this long.
    Has anyone heard from the personally?

  2. I learned a lot from this channel. I stopped working on Saturdays, and I am learning things about the good book after giving it up years ago. Thank you.

  3. They not live oh but the word still comes like yesterdays is today the message still strong God word do not go out and come back void

  4. They are pimps in sheep clothes and if you a man you better get out that church cause if you don't have understanding you might commit murder we have read story about man coming to church and shoot the preacher a white man bout 5 yrs back in California shot killed a Catholic priest behind the praying curtains

  5. Shabbat Shalom. HalleluYAH, Ruach HaKodesh brought me to Zechariah 10 this a.m. and 1 Corinthians 10 this afternoon.

  6. We must have a heart that is submitted to Yah in order to have a ear to hear. Yes our inner voice gets louder when we are submitted to Him in obedience to His laws, statutes and commandments.

  7. yes are they good, well ii believe thatt theey are fully pprotected but woul
    d still love to hear from them

  8. Good to know you and your family are doing well can't wait ! for watchman and you to return we missed y'all pray the Most High Blessing to you and family always !! Love and ✌

  9. Some time the enemy will attack YAH People when they are doing his work so I believe that these outsiders are trying to do stop the Most High work the enemy don't like the truth they will do whatever it take to brock the word of YAH !!

  10. I had a dream I was pulling pins out of my body. The kind with a metal ball on the end. Toward the end of the dream the smaller pins were metal ball tip and when I pulled it out the needle was made of rusted metal. Never woke up so scared in my life.
    I thought about it and I felt like I was trying to remove sickness done to me by America.

  11. Brother Watchman and sister Deborah Yah, Very glad to hear from you and everyone is doing great! Hear from you next week! SHALOM💖💖

  12. Apogies family I missed you all yesterday… Have not been getting notifications from any of the channels I am subscribed to… But, nevertheless – I am in it to win it family. Peace &-Shalom family!


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