Heatwave stint in India continues as climate change is altering weather patterns | English News

The impact of climate change is being felt around the world. In India, record-breaking temperatures are being reported in most states. Watch this report to know more.

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  1. Never miss an opportunity WION, Beat your drum of climate change every time there is a natural drought. Why didn't you beat this drum when there were excess rain a couple of years ago? Where was the climate change then? decided to take a break? :p

  2. And India wants to be the food basket of the world ? Time to explore cloud seeding, carbon capture tech, move away from coal and have strict emission and pollution control laws ( in other words anticorruption laws ) in place

  3. Science is trying hard to explain away the Bible and acts of GOD/YAH.
    Read the Bible and you'll understand.

  4. ⁉️Why blame climate change for a heat wave?❓🤷🏿‍♂️❓
    💡The geo-engineering projects and experiments which dump particulates in the atmosphere to COMBAT so-called climate change may actually be causing the very problems they were meant to stop and or prevent.👈🏿

  5. imagine any foreign team playing 5 day test match in this condition !!


  6. Climate change in oriental India is the extreme form of weather created by the melting of Antarctic ice, thats superimposed/mixed as a second layer upon the normal seasons, thereby changing the traditional weather from a stable/reliable regional pattern to an unstable/unpredictable pattern…the monsoon season is going to be as devastating as the drought is.

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  8. It's 9:00AM in New Delhi right now and it's 93F/33.9C
    It's 9:24AM in Bangkok right now and it's 94F/34.4C

    These are very unusual heat for very early morning temps especially for a tropical region like Bangkok.

  9. Hindu ka bhagwan Agni bahot naraz hai India ke tamam political parties se kaas kar ke BJP party par jo bahot zulm kar raha hai Kashmir aur india ke rehne walay muslmano par. ✌️

  10. I wonder why the heatwave came Unexpectedly Early to India. I can feel the sufferings of everyone in the scorching heat. My heart goes out to everyone there. I pray no one dies in this kind of extreme heat.
    Could it be CREATOR GOD is very unhappy and displeased with some sins or wrongdoings committed recently by the country.?
    Well, was it buying oil from Russia when the oil is 'stained with blood'.?
    Only God knows the answer.
    We are reminded .. …
    Almighty God can display his angry power.
    No one can avoid accountability towards Almighty God even if we try to avoid accountability toward man.
    When Almighty God strikes in revenge, we will have to bend our knees and ask God for His mercies.

  11. Hydro electric dams are the cause of rapid climate change. Wind farms increase flooding. 😜🤗♥️

  12. Waiting for rain🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️ terribly 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳in this hot aummer

  13. Climate change is another fraud.6uild 6ack 6etter-this is the fraud that will be said from all world leaders word for word all from the same playbook-you will own nothing & be happy.

  14. Is saudi arabia still creating rain clouds?, now it's flooding. Didn't they admit creating that drought in iran?.

  15. India needs to link its rivers on a war footing scale to prevent floods and hence famines and this can help create more green cover which will help absorb the heat and lower both the temperature and pollution. The other issue is to limit the sale of cars and use money to develop better public infrastructure (Indians do not spend the money just on buying cars, but also on expensive fuel which adds to the state exchequer in foreign currencies).

  16. In 2017 when the climate took a downturn and CA to WA had record cold, rain and long winter, similar to the 1998 unusually warm summer, the GSG 'Signs and Tribulations' Mob abandoned Global Warming and went with Climate Change. Then NASA put up more sophisticated satellites that corrected for orbital decay and found ZERO sea level rise, far less than the internationally-accepted 2mm per year. Even if we accept the Luddite claim, that's 10 years to rise an inch, and 720 years before it floods the streets of Miami. America doesn't have 720 years. America will be lucky if it lasts to 2030, when Mandatory Energy Austerity plunges the country into a Even Greater Depression never before seen on this continent. Already more humans freeze to death than die of heatstroke, then imagine how many will starve to death without fossil fuels. It will be LEGION, like Mayorkas' Ever Wider Open Borders national suicide.

  17. Although it is the responsibility of every country, but America is the one who started the race to make big missiles and nuclear bombs and the rise in temperature is the result of this.

  18. Payback for decades of environmental neglect, and superbly high, unchecked population growth. Ironically, at COP26 summit in 2021, in Glasgow, Modi failed to promise net zero by 2050 (instead choosing 2070 which I am sure they will also fail at). And now, Modi is warning the world about rising temperatures? Karma is a ….. no? India is a hellhole; now the temperatures will soon match that of an inferno. Hope the rest of the world learns their lesson about climate change from watching India burn.


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