Hebrew lsraelite SH00TING in New Jersey?

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  1. A little off topic, but what absolute beautiful landscapes. Dang! I have never been to your site before, but I just wanted to add that I can really feel the wisdom of the Holy Spirit coming through your words. Much respect from Maryland family…

  2. I remember telling an acquaintance of mine I was an Israelite and he immediately asked me (paraphrasing) "Oh, you mean those people that scream at others in the street"

    It's annoying that this is the general response by a lot of people, and also strange. It's like, people can't think to them selves "Maybe people can identify as an Israelite and teach it in different ways or in their own home?"

  3. Shalawaam Family well said sister and well done a well word that is needed in this time. …Yashua said that the Word should be preached to Yisrael and Lost sheep of Israel all other people know who they are Chinese people speak Chinese ect we are a people still awakening to who we are many of still not knowing our native tounge Hebrew….could these be the birth pangs spoken of in the book of Revalations? .

  4. This is happening because its time for the Great Tribulation/Jacobs Trouble to be fulfilled….This story was written by the Most High before the World began! Shalom.

  5. They did all that just so they could pretend that it happened and Trump made that Executive Order in reference to Jews. But it is good because look at for our benefit because you must become aware of your surroundings and arm yourself fully. You can no longer go without.

  6. "Authorities said Thursday that while both suspects showed interest in the group, they HAVE NOT been formally linked to the Black Hebrew Israelites or any other organization."~ https://abc7ny.com/jersey-city-shooting-fbi-searching-for-van-roundtable-held/5751279/

    "Officials also said a device found in the back of the U-Haul proved to be an operable explosive device, a pipe bomb. Also in the U-Haul were notes with religious writings, one of which included the quote, "I do this because my creator makes me do this and I hate who he hates,"

    This is a good Tort Slander NYTIMES and other media outlets.. They are also linking the group from Washingtonsquare (whom shouted back at the catholic palemales) to this shooting.

  7. I have a book I was led by the TMH spirit to write for all awaked ones. Can I email it to you to read and critic for me?

  8. We all know that these people lie constantly and continually. I wouldn't believe a thing they said
    until you were presented with independently verifiable proof and then you need to constantly recheck
    your results. However, standing out in public telling every white man and women that they and their
    children are going into 'slavery' is shear stupidity. Even if it were true, why would you tell your enemy
    your thoughts and intents in advanced. The Word of Holy Yah is a two edged sword, a weapon and
    like any other weapon you need to know 'how', 'when', ''where' and 'against' whom to use it.

  9. George Friedmann in his book, The End of the Jewish People, pointedly states that the Europeans claiming to be Jews, are nothing more then "Hebrew speaking Gentiles." The late president of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser, stated on television, "you (the Jews) will never be able to live here in peace, because you left here black but came back white. We cannot except you!

  10. It was all made up the truth and the awaking is out they can't stop the most high stand fast because these heathens time is up and they know it

  11. My Camp the Battle Axes of TMH we don’t teach like that. We only speak as the oracles of Yah. In fact, I have seen that type of teaching in a very long time.

  12. So if we not Israel then who are we and everyone doesn’t have it right I believe in the Apocrypha but not them other books they haven’t been verified they have to many authors

  13. They are trying to turn this group and or black people, into a terrorist! Very soon, it will be against the law to have black skin…. AKA Jacobs trouble! SEEK THE MOST HIGH GOD. In JESUS CHRIST NAME, THE TRUE AND LIVING SON JESUS CHRIST THE MESSIAH!

  14. Wasn't they using "Black Muslim" back when Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali was mixed up with them? But the "Hebrew Israelites" are always out there yelling over folks and degrading women. Using the Bible to justify FOOLISH action giving the media more ammo.

  15. I'm not giving into hate, but I can relate to why they did. I had an affair with someone-didn't even realize she had anything to do with the Jewish church-pissed her daddy off. Jews tried to get me thrown into jail, with trumped up charges. Didn't work, so they "mandated" that I must get married. Of course, they couldn't make me do that. So they took my picture, on the sly, and posted it within a federation of churches. Now, decades later, I'm still fighting it, trying to stay in gainful employment. Just don't see the orthodox faction doing that. I could be wrong. It's these dirt, low life Jews in sparsely populated areas that fantasize that they've got some king of religion. I've had people I've never seen before, calling me a very bad man, just because they heard my name. If it was a co-worker, there would be some people come in the next day, to make a 'visual' and I'd get fired. Do you think something like this could have anything to do with why these people did this??

  16. Black Israelites, this is showing us that Edom knows about us and who to tell maybe this shooting has nothing at all to do with us but as you know Edom is sly and if you can see they are ready to turn up the heat on us. Israelites you need to know what time it is, please watch these two videos, Must Black Israelites Flee From Babylon to Africa link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY3t52L2Vok&t=1s and Babylon and the Beast Fully and Finally Exposed link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBK3KhaL1xI Shalawam.

  17. Bible
    No difference between Jew/non jew gentile or Greek (whites) ‘IN’ Christ not

    These Satanic people coming in God’s name, Jesus said to the Hebrews of his day that even looked like him
    “Ye are of your father the devil”
    Salvation for EVERYone
    Thanks for talking bout these Satan
    These people take bible out context for hate

  18. Question: if our ancestors didn’t refer to themselves as “Hebrews” then what DID they call themselves? Because as far as my Tanakh says, in Hebrew -> ivrim which in English translates to Hebrews. צברים am I missing something?

  19. What do you call yourself if not the black Hebrew Israelite ? I’m still learning and I want to lean as much as possible about the truth !!!

  20. What is their problem?! They are giving us Israelites a bad name!- because of their foolishness!! Our people have to get it together!! Be true! Be real!- not some hypocrite!!! This has got to stop!!! Be true!!

  21. Tell em QUEEN 👑 they are false teachers, WHY & HOW??? Pushing swirling alongside a falsified doctrine,…💡when something that has been manipulated, and you turn & promote what was falsified (Evidence of SPIRITUAL LAZINESS is calling yourself what those who have been called devils deceived you into calling yourself, WHICH IS VOIDNESS OF the true RUAH lead way of STUDY,) WHAT IT MAKES YOU IS A FALSE TEACHER/ ("a hebrew israelite ")📜 SHALUM


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