Here's Who REALLY Won the War in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan made these people very rich
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War is big business in the U.S. Here are some of the people who got crazy rich off the war in Afghanistan.

Complete source list:
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Lockheed Martin 2007 proxy statement –
Lockheed Martin 2008 proxy statement –
Congressional hearing “ Contracting to feed the U.S. troops in Afghanistan: How did the Defense Department end up in a multi-billion dollar billing dispute?” –
Court document U.S. vs Supreme Food –
Supreme Foodservice pays $389 Million in fines –
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Rolling Stones War Dogs article –
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BBC 9-11 millionaires article –
Sludge reporting “Lawmakers Benefit From Booming Defense Stocks” –
United States senate financial disclosures portal –
Honeywell stock chart –

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Comment (37)

  1. Thanks for being here everyone. I say this at the end of the video but I wanna say it again here cuz I think it’s important: This list is just a drop on the bucket. The list of who got super rich off the war is longer than any of us can fathom. My hope with this video is that it will help us better understand how the system works and what incentives are at play in the US war economy. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next vid ✌️

  2. Sadly i can't consider U.S military veterans in iraq as heroes it's more like an army of VILLAINS who destroyed the lives of people in there..

  3. Now I know why certain US lobbies & individuals LOVE wars. Since the end of WW2 US is constantly waging covert or direct wars. There is hardly any President under whose term a conflict did not happen. It keeps the economy and the powerful leaders going.

  4. Rich people bad cause they rich. Obviousley dont shoot civiliabs wtf sactyally but why caunt people be bill gates jesus christ

  5. Well obviously war is no.1 business of united states and its allies. They easily funnel trillions of dollars out from tax payers money. Plus the loots they got from plundering other nations.

  6. Great journalism 👏🏽👏🏽
    This is the media investigation and explanation I want to see.
    Thank you 🙏🏽
    Side note- this is one side of the view as described in title of the video.
    Yes people get benefits from war and tragedy but on the other side wars are really difficult to manage especially in the east (you move around the world but only temporarily, please don’t feel bad). You have to bribe and do a lot of illegal stuff that your own democratic values (or any democratic values)won’t allow So yes as long as there are wars, there will be war billionaires.
    Any government in the world doesn’t really have perfect solution.
    Thanks 🙏🏽 again for educating people with such creative video.

  7. We have one of these contractors in our area.sends people and equipment out for hurricane relief. Used the money to expand the business. Another case of not what you know but who you give a few dollars to. Takes advantage of people's misfortunes and makes money. Taxpayer money.

  8. Hey y all my tax money prob gonna get fcked to some shit show because of this ukraine business as well man oh man do I love it

  9. We get more knowledgeable from one journalist seeking truth and trying to inform/educate than any other news corporation. Keep it going 💪

  10. War is the biggest money maker. So these warmongers will never allow war to stop. Maybe we should send them to the frontlines with their family. Let’s see how they like it then. Cowards.

  11. I believe that our presidents, congressmen and women, and all other members of the US government should not be allowed to own stocks. Instead of representing the people they are representing their own personal agendas and motives so they can make the most money possible.


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