Hidden Secret about Captain Marvel

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Background is from they have awesome videos that can be used for meditation.

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  1. thanks for the info I did not realize Captain Marvel was into that type of activity I only knew of Captain Marvel the man version I believe he's supposed to be in the movie and Jude Law is playing the role he was in The Avengers Assemble cartoon he had blue skin then Ronan the Accuser came to Earth after him

  2. This is the story of Samaramis and Tamuz…what filth. Demons come out of this crap.they are really pushing Yah's fury.

  3. That background just kept drawing me in! And that snow falling outside…I was like: look at brother watchman setting the romantic scene for Sister Deborah! Whether it's a real location or not, it's still beautifully romantic.
    But I will be sharing this with my stepdaughter. She loves Marvel stuff too.

  4. Hello i just watch video on bearing false witness and i have a question, about 1 month ago i just lost it and started to go down hill i made a pact with lucifer for possessions and fame and i was misleading people on purpose but now realize that it is very foolish and hurtful to the lord i want to repent of all my sins but i think im already doomed because i put my hand with the wicked to mislead:( am i doomed

  5. Well said about Captain Marvel and the story behind it cause I didn’t know about it. I knew about the other characters since at one point I grew up reading comics but this was definitely informative. Thank you

  6. Love your narrative and your background! Digressing to the background…those ain't snowflakes, they are snow biscuits!!! LOL

  7. In the beginning of the first trailer they had her falling from the sky like a fallen angel.

  8. I have a a comic book when he battle Thanos he didn't beat him but he didn't lose either it was inconclusive Adam Warlock always seem to be able to beat Thanos

  9. Sounds like Ms Marvel is Seramasis and Tamuz.

    Thanos is the Greek god Thanatos.

    Starlord also is half human/ half god.

  10. Shalom. I was listening to another video and the same Scriptures you mention was being spoken by another and he was speaking about the sororities and fraternities which is speaking volumes. Yah is speaking loudly

  11. When I found out Marvel was using the girl Captain Marvel, I automatically didn't care for it….. they brought her in for Women Empowerment, I'd hate to be Stan Lee right now. And I hate to say it, but INCEST is common in white people.

  12. She sounds like Nimrod mother who gave birth to Tammud. Thank you for the awareness. Of couse Tammud is Sunday and the Christmas true evil.

  13. Disgusting mother falling love with her son !!! Having sex with my mom . What!!! Stan Lee is a satanist 100% . You don't became a millionaire without joining the club .

  14. check out the Silver Surfer animated series the very last episode he went up against a nose and they said to be continued but then never showed who won so they felt he could at least Battle him Captain Marvel is good the pink Kree Captain Marvel that is

  15. Ok, so I have a question then, are we not to read story books that create fictional characters? Is creativity a sin??Is creating art or sculpture graven images, what can we do, just stop living???Should one remove all art, decoration pattern and motif from one's home and wardrobe? Where is the line of distinction drawn between graven images and creative uplifting artistic expressions that may or may not tell a story??

  16. I have never seen any of their films or read any of their magazines, was never interested in that rubbish and i an so glad i stayed well clear of those wicked publications and films.

  17. Thanks for sharing. Never been into Marvel, however I have sons who of course other children were fans . But I came across some info years ago that made me get rid of their items etc… This is even more confirmation and proof of its wickedness.. Appreciate the info.

  18. The new Disney princess parade. I'm into the same but never the main stream marvel line.
    Looking at it now with new knowledge, we can see where they got their ideas from. Writers study the bible, black history and such. Super Heroes are just a reincarnation of the old gods

    D.C. has or had a Captain Marvel/Shazam.

  19. well at least Captain Marvel was no impregnated by a god before she was even 12 years old like some other god we can mention. sorry but you book has more twisted stuff done by gods then comic books made for entertainment vs a book that you are to live you life by only picking the parts you like

  20. You are taking this shit too serious. Also you did not pay attention to Mr. Stan Lee when he thought about making some of the marvel characters

  21. You know when a child grows that fast, its because the father is a fallen angel. That's what happened with Cain he grew very fast and it did not take 9 months, more like a week or less. Adam is not Cain's father and Cain is serpent seed.


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