History of China in 10 Minutes | The Animated Chinese History in a Nutshell

THE HISTORY OF CHINA IN 10 MINUTES. I’ve tried to make the video as short and as detailed as possible, speaking about the Ancient China, Chinese Dynasties and Modern China. So I’ve tried to create this balance to make you guys understand better the history of this country. I really think China as a country, has the richest history in the entire world. Of course there are more to say about Chinese History, but I hope I’ve covered the most important points.

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  1. I definitely love Chinese culture alot ….. it's my favourite ..i actually watched alot of c dramas ….the costume dramas and peacefull music is just too good …. but yeah i have issue with their government ….love chinese people and culture from India ❣️

  2. Shalini Shell Li Empire Of China Master RED AfaAhRichardLoo not dead 🔥 wwiii done

  3. Throw china out from UNO. China should be punished by 4o trillion dollar as compensation for victims of virus.

  4. This video already beats a large portion of Chinese history videos on YT when it mentions the Yangshao (仰韶) and Longshan (龙山) cultures in the very beginning.

  5. 7:55 🙄🙄🙄they did it to all of us that’s why they scare to loose power so now they doing everything out of fear.
    That’s why the anti China because China wants to create its own NATO/OTAN meaning their own international Marketing and China is brave to do this instead of being scared of opresión.

  6. Chinese zenith of civilization happened when Chinese government and people were extremely humble and open to everything including all kinds of foreign culture, technological advancements, and even religions. We had Daosim but we also imported Buddanism. We had pigs, crops, and many kinds of plants we also imported horses and wheats. We created, we learned, we developed all the time to maintain the strength until some rulers chose to close the Chinese door to the outside world…Since then, Chinese development in many aspects, especially in science, stagged for several centuries.

    So China history gives everyone around the world an profound lesson: be open to everything! Some bad ideas like w** supremacy and xenophobia should definitely abandoned! Otherwise, Europea, America and all advanced countries of this date would follow what sadly happened to ancient China…

  7. The peoples of ancient eastern Asia can be broadly divided into the people of Chosun and the Xiongnu. The people of Chosun became the tribes of Chosun, Seonbi, Yeojin, Mongol, and Tungus, and the Xiongnu moved and dispersed to become tribes such as Turk, Hungary, Turkey, and Finland. ( 肅愼=朝鮮=珠申, 瑪韓=瑪玕= 靺鞨=渤海)


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