History of Duel – Why the European Nobles Fought

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Kings and Generals’ historical animated documentary series on medieval history continues with a video on history of Judicial duel in Europe. We see how it progressed starting with the Germanic states during the fall of the Western Roman Empire and talk about rules around trial by combat, how it connected with the legal rules, religion and feudalism and talk about the events of the movie Last Duel and historical reality behind it

Ancient Civilizations:
Medieval Battles:
Roman History:
Slavs and Vikings: Medieval Russia and the Origins of the Kievan Rus:
How Charlemagne’s Empire Fell:
How the Fall of Rome Transformed the Mediterranean:
Medieval Travel and Pilgrimage:
Wars of the Roses:
Enclosure: How the English Lost Their Lands:
Children’s Crusade: Real Story of the Tragic Event:
Hundred Years’ War:
How the Fall of Rome Transformed the Mediterranean:
What Was Lost in the Sack of Constantinople of 1204?:
Love Affair That Made the Hundred Years’ War Inevitable:
World in Year 1066 – Crusader Kings III:
World in Year 867 – Crusader Kings III:

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Art and animation: Haley Castel Branco
Narration: Officially Devin (
Script: Johan Melhus

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  1. To be fair considering the religious norms of the time, the ‘God favours the right’ point probably sunk into a lot of knights heads and affected their game. The logic was probably more accurate than expected 😂

  2. if i were a judge for a duel i'd give the combatants a goose and a chicken as weapons just to mess with them..
    prolly they'll feel so baffled or incredulous the guilty party would confess

  3. Theoretically, we could still have trials by combat, but only under very narrow circumstances. If the wronged parties are justifiably confident in their fighting ability against each other and both agree, too little concrete evidence to determine guilt in either direction by other means, the nature of the offense is personal and not tangentially affecting several additional parties.


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