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Comment (42)

  1. i fucking hate how white people pronounce something completely far from what it supposed to sounds like cause they think English is the only correct way to pronounce things even if its not an english word

  2. bless the narrator for trying to pronounce the names but I feel like further research could have gone into finding out how the names are actually pronounced, especially it being an educational video


  4. Sumber Facebook:

    Saya pernah kerja sebagai penapis berita nak bagitahu 5 fakta yang akan buat anda bencikan Malaysia dan Melayu.

    1. Pada tahun 2020, 3000 Melayu di Alor Setar Kedah buat perarakan untuk haramkan subjek sains di sekolah kebangsaan sebab percayakan sains ciptaan Yahudi.

    2. Kerajaan Mahathir dana kumpulan pemisah di Selatan Thailand dan Philippine sejak 2004. Pada tahun 2015 3 rakyat Selangor berhijab mati ditembak di Sathorn sebab tak sedar rakyat Siam islamofobik.

    3. Doktor Melayu tolong buat C4 bom untuk Osama yang di gunakan dalam 9/11

    4. 90% kemalangan yang terjadi di Malaysia adalah disebabkan l.Q Melayu yang rendah tidak faham bagaimana kenderaan berfungsi.

    5. 3 juta Melayu ada kisah pembiakan sedarah, yang menyebabkan l.Q mereka rendah sehingga 60.

  5. Malaysia 2020, 3000 people were parading on the street of Alor Setar to ban science subject in school because they believe science was invented by bad people to destroy our faith in god. The government hide this from world because they were embarrassed.

  6. This citizens of this country will never know that 3 million MaIay are inbred, the government fund separatist in Thailand and Philippines, a doctor in Malaysia has ties to 9/11, people here hate science doing parade to ban science because they believe science was invented by bad people to destroy our faith in god. These are things government hide from us.

  7. For the people who laid down their lives fighting the Thais, the Portugese, the Dutch, the British, the Japanese and the communists, we must fight the corruptors in our government. Even if they are our own.

  8. loooool 8000 years ago chinese people migrated to mayalsia but were just going to ignore THE ENTIRE POPULATION SOUTH OF THEM THAT TRAVELED THROUGH THAT LAND THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? THAT ARE NOW IN AUSTRILA!!!!!

  9. Ignoring how you've mispronounced many names – which is understandable because it's a foreign language, it's quite glaringly weird for you to gloss over the fact that not all of the Malayan Peninsular revolves around the Malacca and Johor Empire.

    To the north, there was an old kingdom called Kedah, and it was the rightful owner of the island and state of Penang. The first prime minister of Malaysia, who is known as Father of Malaysia -Tunku Abdul Rahman was a prince of Kedah. Kedah's history is equally interesting as Malacca because it involves several conflicts and turmoils with southern Siam (Thailand), and before its ruler converted to Islam, it was also a hub for the Hindu faith in northern Malayan Peninsular.

    Ignoring the existence of Kedah undermines its importance in the history of Malaysia as a whole, and is the typical yet critical error of most history learners when learning about the history of Malaysia.

    And also, Malaysia isn't just Kedah and Malacca (to an extend, Johor). There's the Terengganu and Kelantan Kingdom to the north east. In Borneo, it has a complete different dynamic of conflicts and isn't a part of the Malayan history until the 1960s. There's the White King of Sarawak – the Brooke's family, who had great influence of shaping the Sarawak as we know today, and the influence of Britain in the form of North Borneo Chartered Company (different from British East India Company) in Sabah.

    There is so much to see in this land than the, understandably interesting, Malacca Empire.

  10. I was lost when Johor was pronounced as Yohor. And can u guys pronounce Sultan correctly? The pronounciation is never close to 'southern'..

  11. My name is Muhammad Mirza in the most religious state Malaysia, I'm outspoken about my disbelief in Islam.

    I think those so called ex-muslim especially in Europe are totaI deIusionaI. They have MusIim name, they're of Arab ancestry and they speak middIe eastern Ianguage but just because they stop beIieving in IsIam in their head they think they are free from racism and hatred.

    We former believer of lsIam shouId aIways defend religious MusIim from unjustified prejudice because we're stiII MusIim in everyone eyes whether we like it or not.

    You can't really leave IsIam, we should have a better term for the people who no longer believe in Islam like former believer of lslam or I used to believe in Islam not anymore. Instead of this silly term of ex-muslim.

  12. You must know . Malaysia is MUSLIM MAJORITY COUNTRY …same with Indonesia , Brunei , turky , Arabia and UAE >> about half population population in Malaysia, are MALAYS ! Not chinese

    Ethnic in Malaysia, ( 2022)
    – MALAYS = 60%
    – others bumiputera = 11%
    – chinese = 23%
    – Indian = 6%


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