Obadiah 1:6 How are the things of Esau searched out! how are his hidden things sought up!

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  1. Thank you for your sharing ❤️. Love all your presentation. Just to add for information purpose. Arabs are also very fair skins and practically white which I can vouch from some very close to me. Some even refer to themselves as White.

  2. Philip the Arab, looks like he could be related to Barak Obama. 1:10:58 Whatever you choose about Esau, he was born like a red garment and his arms were so hairy like a goat that you couldn't see his skin underneath. That is always overlooked.

  3. All PRAISES to YAHAWAH in the Mighty Name of YAHAWASHI 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    My second time watching this one and the end helps to keep me hyped up for YAH AND YAHAWASHI Kingdom come 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    (Can't think of a better word according to the length of my present vocabulary). Can you?

    Shalawam Y'israel 🔥

  4. Just to include Zepho the son of Esau in the book of jasher
    After Esau’s death Zepho became Joseph’s nemesis,
    Zepho founght against Joseph as Pharaoh in Egypt
    Joseph captured and imprisoned Zepho. After some time he escaped into the lands of the Canaanites, raised an army to fight Joseph and his mighty brothers. He was defeated several times however when he learned that Joseph and his brothers were dead he attempted another attack in Egypt

    This battle changed the relationship Israel had with the Egyptian government
    – it’s from the events of this battle with Zepho’s army that changed everything

    The Egyptians plotted to enslave Israel which lasted some believe 130 years

    After his final defeat he and subsequently reached Chittim and eventually becomes ruler of these people

    Chittim is Rome. The country of Chittim, which is mentioned in the Book of Daniel, isn't found anywhere else in the Bible, but it is found in the Book of Jasher. … At the end of the verse below, it explains that king Zepho, ruled over the whole land of Chittim and Italia for 50 years.

    Jasher 61:25 And their king Zepho went at their head and they made war with Tubal and the islands, and they subdued them, and when they returned from the battle they renewed his government for him, and they built for him a very large palace for his royal habitation and seat, and they made a large throne for him, and Zepho reigned over the whole land of Chittim and over the land of Italia fifty years.

  5. Dead Sea Scrolls
    – Book of Noah 6:1-6 And after some days my son Methuselah took a wife for his son Lamech,

    and she became pregnant by him and bore a son.

    And his body was white as snow and red as the blooming of a rose,

    and the hair of his head and his long locks were white as wool,
    and his eyes beautiful.

    And when he opened his eyes,
    he lighted up the whole house like the sun,

    and the whole house was very bright.

    And thereupon he arose in the hands of the midwife,

    opened his mouth,
    and conversed with “the Lord of righteousness.”

    And his father Lamech was afraid of him and fled,

    – and came to his father Methuselah.
    And he said unto him:

    – I have begotten a strange son,
    – diverse from and unlike man,
    – and “resembling the sons of the God of heaven;”
    – and his nature is different
    – and he is not like us,
    – and his eyes are as the rays of the sun,
    – and his countenance is glorious.

    And it seems to me that he is not sprung from me
    – but “from the angels,”
    – and I fear that in his days a wonder may be wrought on the earth.

    Like you’ve said previously some of these writings have gone through the hands of our oppressors
    So, that being said we should take these books with a grain of salt.

    However, if we supposed this has some truth to it.

    The genetic anomaly may have been present in the DNA 🧬
    of Noah’s sons, and their descendants
    to produce a son that look completely different in color from Jacob.

    Just something to speculate about really!

  6. KJVA Bible. Genesis 27:38-40
    [38]And Esau said unto his father, Hast thou but one blessing, my father? bless me, even me also, O my father. And Esau lifted up his voice, and wept.
    [39]And Isaac his father answered and said unto him, Behold, thy dwelling shall be the fatness of the earth, and of the dew of heaven from above;
    [40]And by thy sword shalt thou live, and shalt serve thy brother; and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck.

  7. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾All praises to TMH…..brilliant in depth study ….I have watched this twice now I am downloading this so glad u are back fighting the good righteous fight 👍🏾😊

  8. Jeremiah 39:10 says God spoiled his seed no melon in his children and h they cannot hide amonst God's chosen an you look like a esau child not saying you are but God the Father made it hard for them to stand the sun curse for rejecting his ways an hating his birth right now wanting it but the Father ii coming home for his people an esau and satan will share the same bed

  9. Edom and Esau are the only living anything on this planet that can not go out and embrace nor be embraced by the Sun of the Most High, he will destroy them. Couldn’t possibly be natural to this reality, PERIOD! Aaaaaannnnnnnddddddd, 99.9% of melinated people are various shades of Brown, people are not Black though there are Africans that truly look black but I’m sure the covered parts of their bodies are brown not black.

  10. Can you please create a vhart with the biblical names and the modern day names of each of these people groups and nations? That would be helpful for the kids to see. Thank you!

  11. @1:16:521:16:55 and
    I have now learned that Rabbi Yehuda Nasi wrote Mishnah (200 A.D.)
    He wrote down the oral law, because he saw Israelites were scattered worldwide, and if they didn’t preserve this, then they would lose it. (Ie. their culture/identity)
    Rabbi Rosenberg also said that the Torah is supposed to be passed down by word of mouth (orally) and not written. Torah does not say that. (Deuteronomy 27:8; Deuteronomy 31:24; Jeremiah 30:2; Joshua 24:26; 2 Kings 23:21; 1 Kings 11:41; 2 Kings 12:19)

    Deuteronomy 32:26 says Yah would scatter Israelites into corners and make the remembrance of them to cease from among men. If a people group has a land, language, identity, and the history of their culture, then this curse cannot apply to them. The Ashkenazim and Sephardim currently in the land know this information about themselves. So do other cultures worldwide.
    Deuteronomy 30:1-3 and 1 Baruch 2:28-31 says that in the lands of their captivities they will call to mind the blessings and the curses. The Israelites will “remember” themselves, return to Yah, and do His commandments. Meaning do the commandments of the Torah, and not the commandments of men (Mishnah, Talmud, Kabbalah, etc.).
    Again, I’m sure many groups worldwide can identify with some things listed in Deuteronomy 28 to some degree. But, they cannot identify with them all.
    The Most High made His covenant with one group of people, meaning only one group of people can be the Israelites.
    So, only a group who fit ALL of the curses listed in Deuteronomy 28 can be identified as the Biblical Hebrew Israelites. Neither biblically nor historically can the Ashkenazim (Genesis 10:2-5) or the Sephardim (2 Kings 17:24) who live in the land today identify as such.

    He also said that some of the great Torah scholars and sages were converts from Rome, and he goes on to list some of them. The Jewish Encyclopedia says quote, “The name ‘Edom’ is used by Talmudists for the Roman Empire, and they applied to Rome every passage of the Bible referring to Rome or to Esau”. (http://jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/5434-edox-idumea)
    This is another people, and not the Israelites.

    I’m learning a lot by listening to what both Judaism and Christianity believe and teach. Time after time, the Tanakh (Bible) is not the final authority. But, rather man is. Yahushua (Jesus) never taught against the instructions (Torah) of The Most High. He taught us to do Yahuwah’s (the LORD’s) commandments. 🙏🏾 The Most High will regather 12 tribes (negroes), and not just one tribe. Those joined to Israel will be with us as well. Yah will gather the outcasts of Israel and also gather others to Himself beside those who are gathered to Him. (Isaiah 56:8) ❤️

  12. In my ignorance years ago I dated a Muslim man from Jordan. He looked Russian to me. Very Caucasian in his skin color (pink/white). One day I was helping him fill out of job application (because he said he needed help because of his poor English/his mother tongue was Arabic) and when the application asked for demographics for affirmative action purposes, and when it came to select his race before I could even get to it to translate it to him in English, all of a sudden he was able to clearly read and speak English, and was like I'm White, in other words don't put me down as Black (African American) or Arab or anything else.

    It was so fast that it let me know how everyone in the entire world hates and/or doesn't want to associate with being Black/African American, and how we are looked down upon, even from peoples and nations from Africa who my ancestors descend from..I knew then that the first bad argument we have I would get called a "nigga" (20 years later I now know negro is not a bad word to describe me and my people, we are not Africans as; and college educated, all my life, never heard of negroland until recently.).
    This man wanted to marry me and also interested in Christianity because he was disinfranchised with Islam and organizations like Hamas and all the fighting killing terrorism hate etc.

    I felt sympathy for him but I quickly knew I didn't want any part of this man's background and baggage… I didn't want to be in some FBI or CIA file🗃️ (I hope I'm not) because of this man's political backgrounds and dealings regarding Palestine and Israel.

    Anyway, I believe this man would be of the lineage of Esau.

    I learned a lot.

  13. people are just dumb and easily influenced and need to be led and are too lazy to research and too thick to accept truth, or are they all just too damn wicked? I favour the latter. The one true GOD of this world, they all hate and despise. I love him with all my heart and am glad he is returning with his double edged sword to right all wrongs. ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH YAH THROUGH YESHUAH MY BLACK MESSIAH. 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  14. In knew that the romans are mixed with Etruscans, and Esau had something to do with them but I had no clue that rome who was from Troy had Esau in their DNA already before they mixed with the dark Afro-asiatic branch people (Etruscans).

  15. Idk if you did figure this out and didn't mention it or didn't realize it when doing the study.

    But the two legs are best represented as Western Rome (Chittim ruled mainly western parts of the world and the islands of the west [aka the Americas and it's islands]) and Eastern Rome (Edom ruled mainly), even today, Chittim/Kittim rules the indo europeans (the javanites or Grecians, the Javanic People/Ethnic Group), and it's ALSO well known Edom (among the aristocratic and indigenous tribes of the middle eastern and African lands and dukes of far eastern europe as you also pointed out) rules the eastern part of the world TODAY (yes including china and india if you know the history between the middle east and the eurasian lands, Chittim and Edom split the control of those two as well If you know the modern day politics, trade and business and religious ties to the government and funding that goes on and so on and so forth, and any kingdoms NOT under them are either DEMONIZED HEAVILY or can't really do much to oppose them [people forget the prophecies don't say every single ethnic group or kingdom is against us, they all see us as less than as a collective sure!, But not all are in on the plot and are vassal kingdoms]).

    However the difference between the legs (back then) and the feet rn, is that the feet are like you said mingling to seem not evil anymore but they very much are, by using the current political seperations of the nation's whether they are actually vassal kingdoms or actual true sovereign kingdoms to confuse and hide behind people, both the gentiles lead by Rome and the confederacy by large led by edom are doing it.

    This is why in Joel I believe he is said to be "The Destroyer of The Gentiles" as well as in other older verses he already ALSO says he will judge edom UNIQUELY and harshly compared to his other judgments of people.

  16. A Rastafarian told me as a youngster growing up that all the 3 main religions came from Rome it took a couple years to verify but he was right. Since that day my journey for the Truth started and I found it, Babylon mixed lies and truth to create confusion; now when I try to explain people they think am crazy.

  17. The Red Jews of king Bulan had a Jewish empire from 600ad til 1200ad when the princes of Rus broke them . Kiev was their trading city . They were a mix of Turkic tribes and other steppe horsemen who converted to not be a puppet of Islam or Byzantine.
    The Roman convert Rabbis knew of them .They are the false Jews of the book of revelation.

  18. Mestizo's and Mullato's have Bantu blood in them, however its mostly in the Mitochondrial DNA… They have Israelite blood in them. it is up to THEM to decide who they are. WE however KNOW and maintain that we are Beni'Yisaraela or in my mother tongue ''Bana ba Yisaraelah'' (Children of Israel in Setswana)

  19. The Bantu/ Negroes are not Black, we are Brown skinned and different shades of Brown in contrast to our Hamitic African brothers. If you are an African then you will know that not all Africans are the same, and most historical and current civil wars in Africa are along Shemetic/Bantu tribal lines and Hamitic/Nilotic/Kushim tribal lines. There is the exception which proves the rule however where in homogenous nations the civil wars tend to be between people with the same Ancestor but still from different tribes eg Bantus vs Bantus or Nilotes vs Kushites


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