HMS Victory: Sailing & Fighting a Napoleonic Warship

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This is Epic History TV’s guide to HMS Victory, one of the most famous warships in history, and flagship of Vice Admiral Nelson at his decisive victory over the Franco-Spanish Combined Fleet at Trafalgar in 1805. In this episode we look at the composition of naval crews, and how they sailed, fought and lived aboard a warship like Victory.

Thank you to the National Museum of the Royal Navy for their help in making this series. HMS Victory is currently undergoing a major conservation project, but remains open to the public throughout. More info here:

Thank you to the National Maritime Museum for their support in making this series:

To view more naval paintings by Derek Gardner, including available works and archive of past sales, visit the Jack Fine Art website:

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  1. I hope you enjoy the new video! Special shout to all Patrick O'Brian fans, who will be nodding along sagely to most of this. Thank you to our sponsor War Thunder – play with our link to earn a free & awesome bonus pack with boosters and epic vehicles – War Thunder is a highly detailed and immersive vehicle combat game that features a huge amount of customisable tanks, aircrafts and ships. Thank you to everyone else who helped to make this series, including the National Museum of the Royal Navy, the National Maritime Museum, the estate of Derek Gardner, James Malcolm and Simon Edwards – links in video description. Head over to our Patreon page for production updates and news of what's next!

  2. You can only imagine how horrifying and chaotic a battle on these ships would be. At any second you could be hit by a cannonball or debris. Or in some cases, part of a sudden and huge explosion.

  3. Loved the first part, glad i get to knock off work and sit down to watch the much-anticipated second part within the hour of its release too! Love this channel and how even a history buff like myself can learn something from special videos like these!

  4. The quality of this video kept me watching the screen and listen carefully the entire video. Top tier excellence in video documentary.

  5. At 3:02. So there was the Vice Admiral, an important role. Then the captain of the ship, another important role. Then all these lieutenants who did God knows what. All we know is that they were commissioned so they're clearly important for some bizarre reason. Then the Senior Warrant Officers, who did all the vital grunt work that kept the ship afloat and its men healthy–clearly they were the crucial officers on the ship. What the hell did all those lieutenants above them do? Just sit there and wait for the battle to start for them to then "lead" the men? Just goes to show how corrupt the whole Royal Navy system was back in the day…

  6. If I recieved a flogging, for the rest of my time on the ship I would be so good I would have a halo over my head. Absolutely no way would I risk going through that again.


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