HMS Victory: The Total Guide Part 1

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This is Epic History TV’s guide to HMS Victory, one of the most famous warships in history, and flagship of Vice Admiral Nelson at his decisive victory over the Franco-Spanish Combined Fleet at Trafalgar in 1805. We look at the crucial role played by Britain’s Royal Navy in the Napoleonic Wars, before beginning a deck-by-deck exploration of HMS Victory, a first-rate ship-of-the-line, and the most powerful class of warship afloat. We’ll help you to identify and understand the role of masts, yards and rigging, as well as deck layouts, the hold, and her powerful armaments.

Thank you to the National Museum of the Royal Navy for their help in making this series. HMS Victory is currently undergoing a major conservation project, but remains open to the public throughout. More info here:

Thank you to the National Maritime Museum for their support in making this series:

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  1. I hope you enjoy the video, and thanks to the National Museum of the Royal Navy for all their help. Find out about visiting HMS Victory at Thanks also to our sponsor Fabulous – start building your ideal daily routine! The first 500 people to use our link get 25% OFF Fabulous Premium: We'll have Part 2 of this series in a few weeks, in which we cover various aspects of sailing, fighting and living aboard a Napoleonic ship-of-the-line.

  2. Please do a series on American revolution! They’re aren’t a lot of good content regarding that, would love for some content with your style of video.

  3. Not only do I love your videos and am happy to support you for 2 years now, my kids have also gotten into your videos as well

  4. Not a word about Santisima Trinidad, even a bigger monster crushed by H.M.S. Victory in 1805.

  5. Amazing video as always guys, I look forward to new videos from you guys every month because I know you guys pursue quality over everything. EHS scratches an itch from my day to day work as a software engineer that doesn’t provide the same feeling. Keep it going!

  6. Just when I was getting into naval history (Master and commander is to blame for that) . me and epic think alike. 👍👍

  7. When HMS Victory was at the Battle of Toulon..the French WON… it was a young Napoleon first victory over the naval blockade. His military career started. Duke of Wellington famously said that Napoleon’s presence on the battlefield “was worth forty thousand men”.

  8. This would be cool,imagen if sombody made game about this kinda of ship,like world of warship in after,during,and pre napoleonic era,there are lot of nations whit lot of ships,also be cool to see chinise and japanes fleet,or korean,it would be cool


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