Hollywood knows what's coming

Shabbat Shalom! “Hollywood knows the truth” gives you a peak into the minds of those that create produce these movies. A must see. Comment if you like, visit and join our site at

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  1. the "magic wand" hollywood is a demonic subversion of our minds. Our primal emotions are controlled by this media because we are programmed to idolized fame & fortune. Once our emotions are controlled then we allow our thoughts and action to also come under this control. This is why idol worship leads to self worship which will lead to satanic worship if let unchecked.  the reason for the hopelessness of mankind. ……..PRIDE……..

    The electronic revolution will be the demonic evolution
    <worshiping the image of the beast>
    the intellectual inception shall be the perceptual deception .
    professing to be wise they became fools.

    Ecclesiastes 1:18 For in much wisdom is much grief:
    and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.

    the chains of suffering are tied to a lie
    which enslaves those who choose not or care not to ask why .

  2. LOL, when you use your third eye (your brain) you can see right through these movies. He forgot a couple but good video regardless. Thats why the scriptures says you cant serve two master. All those men in the military who actually think they can defeat the CREATOR live in STRONG DELUSIONS.

  3. Man! people are silly. Why are they trying to keep people lost and ignorant from the truth? It's like they're intentionally setting up the world to be destroyed by keeping people confused with this "Alien" nonsense. What's the purpose? Why!?

  4. Great video…. Ive watched the beginning of this video several times but never made it to the end. I was always distracted by the SweetPea1971 comment…..LOL!!! Anyway, I think it is so great that you broke it down like that. To be honest…. I haven't really watched so many movies recently knowing they are really worldly. I would love to watch these movies but would have to be lead of Yah to do it lest I am caught up in the entertainment of it all and am not pleasing him of course.

  5. I find it funny that the people in this video don't have enough of an imagination to understand that people who write stories (that the films get based upon) draw upon what they know and since most of them come from Biblical cultural backgrounds that they would use it's writings in their story ideas, just like fiction has been doing since writing was first used to record ideas, probably before in fact when stories were told round the fire after dinner. What small minded nutters.

  6. Please leave the Lord of the Rings Trilogy out of this, it's a medieval fantasy satire on the evils of imperialism. 

    James Cameron's AVATAR trilogy could never top all that..

  7. Great Video!! I wish you could've included the movie: The Matrix and The Day the Earth Stood Still. Both movie main character is Keanu Reeves. These will be great to your video post here or future ones…

  8. I have seen the movie'They live'many years ago as a teenager and i said to myself,before we leave this earth we will have dead people roaming this earth among us and i still believe to this day it will happen,you are doing a fantastic job, keep pushing we will be delivered one day

  9. every movie that created in this day and age is depicting exactly what is to come to this earth and people look at them as entertainment not knowing its a warning.The almighty save their souls if its not already stolen

  10. His earthly soldiers conquering riding on white horses girded in armour, shield with
    double-edged sword in hand, claiming lost land, that of Yerushalayim (Lost Sheep). This is a war on the field of Har Megiddo (Armageddon), this war is going on now. Letting the People hear the TRUE FAITH & DOCTRINE, which they have not heard before byway of the TRUE HEBREW YISRAELITES, for only through Yahudah Yahusha Ha Mashiach are you saved as stated in the book of Yahudah (Jude).
    Because before there was only false doctrine somewhat recently told to ALL the People of the World, now there is True Faith & True Doctrine! If they are the Lost Sheep & have Truth in them they will then hear truth and be saved. The goats Satan's own cannot ever hear Truth, it is not in them — that is Truth, nor can they understand for it is ALL foolishness to them, as stated in Scripture.

  11. I only bring this up bc…….I know u say truth. I read it in Portuguese. Man……they killed in Jesus name….they going to get it!

  12. It is taking a really long time. We still hv to go through the next false flag. Israel of fakes is going to nuke the east coast.

  13. If you use the paleo hebrew the fathers name is Yahuah and the messiah is Yahusha. Modern hebrew is mixed with yiddish which is how you get yashua or yahoshua or yahweh ….

  14. OMG this is so real. During my awakening I had began to develop so much fear. The next night I had a dream a beam of light lifted me up , we paused a voice said that is Satan right there and he cant touch you. I looked over a white demon mutant looking alien like with blonde hair looked at me in disappointment he was sitting at a table with a scribe pin and paper. The light continued to carry me up and said come on lets cleanse you.

  15. I'm getting so many chills watching this. I prayed for America when I was a lost Christian. The next 3 nights I had a dream of a native American stand over a burnt country . he looked me dead in my eye with a tear and anger in his eye. I knew then our for fathers are waiting to take avenges.

  16. they a trip lol, I'm glad I love my God the most high and the holy spirit that guides me to all truth so those in the dark or don't want to hear the truth they got a rude awakening because he is coming back and we are not in darkness or in fear fear is not of god these people are silly and people get nothing out the movie they just watch but I watch and I learn and will not be deceived

  17. READ…READ …Report from Iron Mountain …it's all in the plan; including "aliens" and "universal health care". Stop being a sucker for HEGELIAN DIALECT …it's an old scam

  18. At 24:40 that is my favorite sound from any movie, I make electronic music and that sound puts chills up my spine it's also a similar sound as the one in "Legion" Talk about that movie please, Oh lord please talk about Legion. I will love to hear what you have to say.

  19. Funny, he uses the "King Jimmy Version" .English mistranslation ordered by a WHITE King to purposely mistranslate many words. This from a Black HEBREW who can't say one sentence in hebrew. he can'r read Hebrew, he can't read Bible in the original hebrew. The hebrew Bible was first mistranslated into Ionic Greek 2600 years ago. imagine translating something soul, something spiritual into Greek Metal. Then the Political Church of popes purposely further mistranslated the Hebrew. You are reading Pig Latin, you fools never read the Bible.
    One simple example : When G-D promised Abraham (in Hebrew) about the promise to his generations He says ויתברכו V'Yit"Barchu which has 2 meanings for the same word. Firstly, the word is in "future tense", it WILL be that the nations WILL be "Grafted" to your seed. But Yitbarchu means both "grafted' and "Blessed". Any translation can only say one or the other, not both words and both meanings. Its only one of hundreds of thousands of worse muistranslations.
    Secondly, WHY do Jews speak Hebrew and read it 3700 years and you seem to have "forgotten"? "Oh my massah, we's waz slaves in AmeriKKKa 400 years…"
    The jews were slaves 410 years in Egypt and did not forget hebrew, nor in the 2700 year exile have we forgotten it. You didn't lose it. You never had it.

  20. Yahweh's House is revealing Yahweh's Truth in the Last Days, so Satan's power of deception is diminishing. There is only One Way to Salvation and that is through repentance and conversion. In that way, only, will you have Right to the Tree of Life that Satan and her false prophets have cut mankind off from for almost 6000 years. Promised Protection and Blessings come with service to Yahweh. Romans 6:16

  21. Greetings King!!! I appreciated this video so much because it really help me put a lot of pagan teachings into perspective. I am a new Ex-Christian and I find a lot of information to be overwhelming for me to learn in such a short time. Could you give me a road map as to where I should start in watching all your videos? Could you also tell me what I need as far as study tools? I have a KJV bible and an apocrypha but I don"t know what the translations mean…… I also would like to know what can I refer my friends/family to read or watch aside from this video so they can also walk in T.R.U.T.H.? Sorry so many questions at a time.:)

  22. if someone is a professional athlete and they have a game on a Saturday are they allowed to play or not

  23. if someone is a professional athlete and they have a game on a Saturday are they allowed to play or not

  24. I can't go by moves Aliens are Demons and these actors are possessed by them… Even Tom Cruise I can only go by scripture….

  25. The top Hollywood Directors and producers are 33rd degree freemasons. Freemasons are a branch of the Illuminati. Illuminati means Illuminated ones. Illuminated by what? The Light that comes from the Light Barer ( Lucifer). So Illuminati means Luciferian. This is where they get their plan.

  26. @22:40 it's not holy water, It's the Living water, Christ, that the demons are afraid of. I'm loving this video so far. You and your wife are a beautiful example of how powerful a man and his wife could be when they work in unison on The Most High's work.

  27. @ 26:15 The reason they tell us by putting things in movie or TV is because they practice Kabbalah which is the only real form of magic. In magic if you put a curse on someone you have to give them a warning to relieve you from any guilt. If not it comes back to you 7 fold.

  28. I have really enjoyed the Family Format. Your children read with great comprehension! You and their Mother are an excellent example to other Black households of what can be accomplished when the home includes a God Fearing Father and Mother.


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