Horses invaded our camp but it was all good. What a Yahsome surprise! Qodesh Events

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  1. So lovely, tranquil. Beautiful horses…what a special gift from our Abba Yah to have them visit you! HalleluYah for the opportunity to have family from many places come together in love and praise of the Most High!! Shalom~

  2. All praises to the Most High for the blessing He bestowed upon you all that gathered there! I'm so glad that this occurred!

  3. Those Horses were at peace with Yahs people!!! This was so beautiful & beyond peaceful!!! I would have wanted to come visit too!! Blessings to all my people!!

  4. I wish we would have gone to the Qodesh Event. I love horses and would have enjoyed like minded family!

  5. The horses can sense a difference on your side of the fence. And your blessed grass probably tastes REAL GOOD too! Lol.

  6. Sister i still see the 🌈 rainbow i know that was Yah watching over u all all praises to Yah n Yahushua name hallelujah!!!

  7. I know it was a great Event. I need to get on the list as well. The most high has blessed you all to come together. Wow what a blessing, all In His NAME.. Yah Bless All to have/had safe travels home..

  8. The Horses Like Apples, Carrots and Hay. You should also consider an electric fence. The owner didn't apologize that his horses were on your property. He should have. Also, consider buying some fresh hay and throwing it over back onto your neighbors property so that they will walk towards the hay and eat it on their own property. Hay is not very expensive depending on where you live; I buy mine from my neighbor for 3 to 4 dollars a bale. Hope this helps. I live next door to my AMISH NEIGHBORS. They raise cattle. Sometimes the Heifers come on to our property to eat our green grass too. LOL.

  9. Shalom, the next time anyone drives from California let Sister AlifayeYah know. I would like to drive with you if you have room. HALLELUYAH!


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