How are robots built?

Robots have been used in every aspect of manufacturing for years. But now, they are leaving the factory floor and learning to become better at everyday tasks than humans.

Learn about how current technology is allowing robots to assist humans in all aspects of human life and see how they are built! 🤖

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  1. The real challenge in robotics is that u need at least good problem solving IQ and most importantly as with all aspects of life HARDWORK.
    You cannot go far in robotics if you're not dedicated to learn . Robotics is simple but real challenge is can you execute it??

  2. Came from Philliphines,from low income family and education system here is not high competitive level compare to others in here comment section who grew up in 1st world countries.
    Never miss the opportunity to those of you grew up in advanced countries .I am a poor teenager yet everyday I try to hustle to learn robotics since i am a Med student I like to combine robotics and medicine . Especially in my country to help the poor people through my future AI inventions.

  3. Most of the previous machines were assembly line machines for large-scale projects, which were used in manufacturing. But now, with the progress of science and technology, the transformation from machinery to robot. It means that we will see more and more functional robots and more intelligent robots in the future.


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