How are the Mighty faIIen! Where are the mighty Men of VaIor?

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  1. It is with the utmost importance that you purchase the Hebrews to Negroes Blu-ray DVDs and or books Parts 1, 2 & 3 is it's the best breakdown that I've ever seen and or heard thus far…

  2. Hi hru watchmen. I will be In contact soon my family is coming to town and I haven't seen my kids in months. I was being honest though on knowing how to fight. Shabbat shalom family.

  3. all glory to the most high….. but yeah what is new (messiah coming from where exactly heaven or earth)? Moses was also a messiah numerous biblical patriachs were.. ecclesiaistes 1:9 … please help a brother fill me in..

  4. Watchman and Deborah thanks you both for showing the loving side of Yah your delivery is kind thoughtful and edifying not condescending nor degrading you understand that we are a nation in deep deep pain by now you may know I grow up Caribbean and as a child, to this day black women are building their own homed wither these houses big or small with their children and no men are involved and without Government or any other agencies involved Watchman and Deborah what are am saying is The Scriptures you bringing out is so right there's sin and instead of these men who brings out The scriptures in a humble and understanding manner they are blaming the women for the continuous conditions they are in they need to look at the General spectrum of the curse and ask is all these black women in in the North South, Central America, the Caribbean and around the world chasing the men from the house ? The question is there sin somewhere that causes the people to turn away from the truth I think the delivery is deeply poor to tell a man he is a king before he attend to his dilapidated conditions and women they have to serve men under abusive conditions in order to give them power instead of working in the true Biblical love of the Commandments of Yah When think how black men in America suffer and the women received the brunt of it Emmett Till mother Sandra Bland mother that woman who found her son hang in her backyard and lots more .The Abuse of Black American men are so deeply painful , but there are no words in the universe to describe the atrocities that befall their women none what so ever.

  5. Just the other day I pondered, ' what happened to the strength and mind of our men. Who or what has weakened them down to the point to where all they even sing about is sex. All these men think about is sex, drugs and money and most of them are obcessed with the pursuit of white women. Aren't all women beautiful? What's this skin worship really about.

    Where are the mighty men of valor today? And Im not talking about angry violent men filled with hate. Im talking about intelligent, strong, Godly, wise, men dedicated to the protection and survival of the Hebrew family, who aren't afraid to go to battle for righteousness sake?

    Why have we allowed our youth to even assume that the thug, violent types of men or even rappers represent our strength. What!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought about how King David wasn't afraid to go up against the giant at all. Nor would he dare wear anything that would hinder his ability to fight. These young men of today who the youth look up to as being courageous, walk around with pants hanging off their behinds which hinders them from walking freely, running, fighting and thinking freely effectively. They walk around covered in tattoos which is a manifestation of idolatry, carnality, worldliness and social weakness. How can that be misconstrued as strength.

    King David took off heavy armor to win his battle yet this mentally enslaved men of today won't even pull up their pants to win anything but a rebellion contest. What kind of buffoonery is that. They won't stop killing each other to win. They won't stop allowing satan to draw on them with permanent ink, they won't stop drinking, smoking and whoring after strange flesh to save their own lives. They have no sense of restraint whatsoever. So how do we submit our comfort into such a grand state of weakness.

    THE MOST TROUBLING THOUGHT OF ALL is how come everytime a man awakens into the truth of Yah, his primary focus becomes this idea that he suddenly now is allowed to have more wives. It's such a huge turn off that in order for us Hebrew women to have a Hebrew man, we have to accept sharing him off the bat with 2 or 3 other women. Im sorry but I rather be married to a monogamous Christian than to a Hebrew who cant get having multiple wives off his mind. We have so much healing to do as a people before trying to have a house full of wives.

    Our fight is so much bigger than a battle against the evil that's against us. Our biggest battle is the one within our ownselves. We're so lost.

  6. Please brother watchman pray for me, to find my feet in my new country. I hope one day to finally meet people like who truly wanna worship Yahuwah. Regards to your lovely wife.

  7. Yes Sir Be Mighty With the Spiritual things of Yah so that we could be Yah's Men and Women of Valor. A great Message to those that are called to be Men .Thank You again Watchman


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