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Comment (33)

  1. When EU sanctioning Russia, is that a friendly approach?
    But when Russia stop supplying gas to Poland & Bulgaria for refusing to pay in rubbles, they accused Russia of blackmailing. Hey stop being childish, you are not the leader of your country?

    Talk to US, they are the biggest bullies & blackmail in history, after all you both are the same species of a kind.

  2. Ursula you are not telling the the truth ! We are not jet ready for new energy sources ! We are far away from it ! Are you willing to put all Europeans to economically suffer because you are not ready ! Ursula you are not telling us the truth !!!!

  3. There is a totally free of charge source of energy from the sun from the air from EVERYTHING on earth !One genius invented ! his name was Nicola Tesla ! But the big gays can’t make a profit from it ! This is way we are in this situation !

  4. No reason why Russia should supply energy for free when the west has removed the method of payment and stolen the money owed to Russia. That is where the blackmail started.

  5. Mr zelenski is very happy to EU to stop import Russia oil supply while US imported Russia fertilizer supply and Mr Zelenski never attempt to stop Russia oil supply thru Ukraine pipeline whahhhhhhhhhhhh blood money for myself

  6. When triumvirate do something not very nice to russia it is called sanctions when russia retalizte it called blackmail. Explain all of this

  7. EU is very dependent on RU gas and oil and some rare minerals and metals. It will be better for EU to get rid of the parasitic US of A influence.

  8. Wait for few weeks…😁😁.. when u scratch ur enemy…they might come bite ur ass out…so u must have expected this when u put sanctions upon sanctions…

  9. Put all sanctions on me and try to isolate me and if i say pay me using my currency for the oil and gas then it is called blackmailing 🤔🙄

  10. Sanctions & more Sanctions… duhhh! You fxck with Russia, why expect kindness in return 🤣. EU financing Neo-Nazi Azov battalion in Ukraine military & sending weaponry to kill Russia’s troops!

  11. Stop calling it blackmail! It’s Russia’s product and they can sell it as they please. EU can just go green like they want!

  12. Instead of working together to stop the war, they group together to fuel the war to destroy Putin and Russia.

  13. You attack russia with sanctions but you expect Russia to listen to you, that would be an own goal by russia. Putin has a right not to listen to any enemy.

  14. I think a legal contract can be modified if but party agree to do some changes in the contract but why the European union can't do the same is mind boggling.

  15. 🙍‍♀To President Putin, congress of Russia and the people of Russia: When you do business and provide services to your NOW enemies, you cut the services first, and then you ask to pay in rubles, cut the gas and petroleum distribution now. You are too soft to good or to stupid, remember the Democrats in the USA, and the European Union want to destroy the Russian economy, now hear me, until you put their own people against themselves, you are screw. Use your brain. This is your play Since the European Union had Russia excluded from SWIFT payment system early March 22, it is clear that Russia has to take other payment modalities for all of their deliveries. You “President Vladimir Putin on March 23 says Russia will only accept payments in rubles for gas deliveries to “unfriendly countries.” I tell you. Close the gas valves now, in ten day you will have all your payments in rubles, or the European economies will go down the toilette and they deserve it, the game the European Union is playing is “The pourers the Russian people are the riches we become” this is the time to give them a soup of their own recipe👵

  16. This woman is a idiot, kicking Russia out of SWIFT is not a form of blackmail? sanctioning Russia is not blackmail? seizing Russian assets is outright robbery!!!!

  17. I agree with Russia. Only a fool strengthen his enemy. What about America blackmailing people to take vaccine or loose their jobs?

  18. Europe needs to know that whoever proposed the sanctions is not taking the heat, now they need act right.

  19. Lol .Blackmail ….utter drivel lol ……..They want to pay Russia to a bank that the West is sanctioning . In other words they expect Russian gas for free . ..These Clowns really expect the rest of us to swallow their drivel

  20. Ursula you are delinquent with your payment so I lock off the tap. Bulgaria you are a thief wanting not to pay your bills as President Trump will say you are delinquent with your payments , ask your western friend to pay for you. Never mind your bullshit. Just pay your bills and gas will flow.

  21. How can it be ? When you sabction rusia that means you dont want to buy that gas so what is blackmail for that

  22. The BIGGEST BLACKMAIL is the sanctions imposed by SANCTION CRAZY America and the European Union. Their gutless way of conducting a war is by stealing property belonging to the rich Russians and the COWARDS are even targeting the WIVES and DAUGHTERS of Russian leaders. America and NATO/cowardly "SCHMATO" an alliance of THIRTY gangster members all lined up against ONE country – Russia, are outlaws. Have they no shame?

  23. Russia too big too strong to be a member of EU or NATO! If that ever happened,US can not lead the world!

  24. Ursula's comment is a joke as she is joke in herself. If EU is moving forward in energy issues there is no use of word Blackmailing. Please go to that forward direction and don't comment nonsense, Ursula is just Good for nothing….


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