How did Achaemenid Persia expand?

How did Achaemenid Persia expand?

It was in this land, around the start of the 7th century BC, that Cyrus the Great – the man who would go on to form the sturdy foundation of the Achaemenid Empire – was born. It is believed that Cyrus was the son of Cambyses I and the grandson of Cyrus I, all preceded by Teispes.

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  1. when Lydia controlled the western half of Anatolia, Sardis was know as Sfard it was only until Alexander conquered the Achaemenids was it called Sardis

  2. The most influental empire in history, and it's actually understandable that nobody knows them. They are part of humanities collective subconcious. That is the level of impact.

  3. As an Iranian, I'm very proud of my heritage and Achaemenid Persia
    you also forgot to mention that during the reign of Cyrus, Persia was the first nation in history which kinda invented what we call human rights in the form of "The Cyrus Cylinder",
    also Cyrus the great freed the slaves in Babylonia, declared that all people had the right to choose their own religion, and established racial equality.

    (which is very ironic compared to what's going on nowadays in my country and a radical terrorist government that in every shape and form violets human rights and freedoms and funds every terrorist organization in the world )

  4. Doing ancient history right now in GCSE. Great video.

    Quick note: I find it funny how everyone pronounces Astyages differently. In my class we and the teacher say 'Ast-I-A-Jis', but the class down the corridor says something different.

  5. Cyrus was the mastermind who created a govermental System that made his empire last for some nice times! A political mastermind who expanded persia and also made a heritage of political system for the heirs to expand

  6. The editing was really poor in this vid. Clearly skipped the exchange between Croessus and the Oracle of Delphi and just jumped into its aftermath, blithely talking as if it had been explained (it had not). Ditto a jarring transition from Cambyses II, and straight into the middle of a story about his successor, Bardiya.

    Somebody's getting sloppy.

  7. Well, as an Iranian I have indeed enjoyed this video very much. This is our legacy. We identify ourselves with this not what Arabs brought to our land. We are different from Syrians, Egyptians or North Africans in a sense that we managed to preserve our language and Persian heritage. Most of our people never accepted Islam as their religion. Hopefully, someday we’d go back to our true Indo-European roots and establish a true Persian state ✌️

  8. Although the empire's territory did slowly decline with all of egypt and the balkan territories being lost, Artaxerxes iii managed to restore the empire's power to near peak levels, bringing egypt back under the fold. His father Artaxerxes ii managed to stabilize the empire after two short lived emperors and played the aegean powers against themselves by using subsidies, keeping the threat of the growing greek powers contained. Most of the achaemanid emperors were usually competent. The largest flaw in the satrapy system was whenever the king of kings lost a campaign literally every satrap to the east revolts and the greeks try invading egypt. And court politics kept killing the emperor, his heir or both. To be fair this problem affected most large absolute monarchies.

  9. The inventions and discoveries of Persia/Iran : 1. Gardens and Parks

    2. Sulfuric acid by Rhazes

    3. Alcohol by Rhazes

    4. The first practical windmills

    5. An ancient type of evaporative cooler and refrigerator

    6. Rosewater

    7. The art of tile-work

    8. Human rights

    9. Qanat

    10. Polo

    11. Algebra by Khwarizmi

    12. Philosophy. Philosophy was invented by the ancient Iranians, not the Greeks. The first philosopher of the world is Zoroaster. The Persians taught philosophy to the Greeks. We can prove this with historical sources.

    13. Computation of 2π by Jamshid Kashani, the Persian astronomer and mathematician

    14. The mechanical planetary computer by Jamshid Kashani

    15. Ice Cream

    16. The first time that cake was used in a birthday party was by Darius the Great

    17. Post system

    18. Fork, spoons and many different invents.

    19. Agriculture and Water Irrigation

    20. Architecture

    21. Backgammon

    22. Banks

    23. Battery

    24. Bricks

    25. Cutlery

    26. Early Environmentalists

    27. eBay

    28. Guitar

    29. Gloves

    30. Grape Vine and Wine

    31. Modern Medicine

    32. Orchestra

    33. Pants and Long Coats

    34. Perfumes

    35. Postal System

    36. Pottery and Ceramics

    37. Refrigerator

    38. Roads

    39. Rose

    40. Spinach

    41. Textile Industry

    42. Wheel

    43. Necktie/tie

    And many more!

    Iran (Persia) is the oldest country in the world. Iranians still speak Persian and still have Persian culture like their ancient Persian ancestors, that's why Iran is the oldest country in the world.

    Persians have given many great scientists, poets, scholars and philosophers to the world.

    Persians/Iranians are responsible for many inventions, innovations, and customs. Persian is one of the oldest living languages in the world, and Persian literature is one of the most beautiful, oldest, and richest literature in the world that has influenced the literature of European and Asian countries.

    Innovations of ancient Persia/Iran and ancient Persian culture contributed to many of the aspects of the modern world. Persians introduced a number of novel concepts in innovations and inventions.

  10. yea as a Persian I must say even though this empire was made 2500 years ago still there is a pride in our veins. I don't know what it is or if other nations feel the same about their countries but there is something "pro" in us, something almost "expansionist". yes if you say you are pro Iranian or expansionist you'd get a lot of hate cuz everyone associates expansionism with Mr. mustache but I'm sure the idea appeals also to the other iranic speaking language speakers, like afghans and Tajiks. personally I might consider myself Persian but I consider our neighbors as Iranians. id like to see an afghan or Tajik person reply to me and tell me his thought on this cuz maybe I'm just wrong. moreover astyages is pronounced as AASTIAG, like a British guy who wants to pronounce ass and like when you want to say Thiago without the o at the end. I think it ancient history there is no other empire that had this amount of influence on the world. I think Egypt is a bit over rated simply because they never got out of their region and almost every time they got rammed by some other empire. id say after Christ there is only Rome who had this huge impact but guess what, both romans and Egyptians got extinct, their languages are dead and they adopted their invaders costumes almost every time. Iranians have kept their geo place of origin and their language and and literally everything. of course no nation was forever superior in history so they also get invaded but we only got changed by Islam and I don't think if that happened any other time


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