How did Brazil Become a Country?

How did Brazil Become a Country?

Once Portugal realized that this newfound land was on their side of the Tordesillas line, the initial goal was to establish a settlement with a focus on monopolizing trade, particularly of the widely popular pau-brasil redwood trees.

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  1. Portugal did not declare war on Brasil, there where battles between troops that where already there, the government never sent anyone to fight.
    And D. Pedro did not abdicate cause of internal problem's, he abdicated because of the Portuguese civil war, where he fought, won then governed the country.
    Also before the independence it was discussed in the portuguese parliament moving the capital to of Portugal to Rio de Janeiro, like it was during the Napoleonic wars

  2. it's pretty much a US puppet state since Monroe doctrine (it means latin america foreign policy is decided by USA) and the fall of the spanish empire by the british empire. Also the recent elections are highly influenced by US (Bolsonaro & Lula). The spanish got their land in America and Africa and Asia taken away from them by British Empire & proxies (USA, South Africa Apartheid, etc). Like Mexico technically already got annexed by USA long time ago, it's just that the US government decides to just keep the nation so the locals don't become US citizen. They want the resources and raw materials but not the mexicans, they are mostly catholic. They can't go "native american" on them because the Catholic have the Pope and his jesuits, err i mean, big influence since it's a big religion with churches all over the world.. The US is a protestant country that shot it's first catholic president and now making it's second catholic president (right now) looked like a senile man.

  3. I think some important points were left unmentioned:

    1) Pedro I never expressed a huge desire to declare Brazil's independence, since he was the descendant of the Portuguese throne and had enormous connections with the Portuguese royal family, what actually made him declare independence was the enormous popular pressure, the pressure of the Prime Minister and his wife Leopoldina Habsburg

    2) Pedro I abdicated the throne because he was extremely unpopular, he was very authoritarian (dissolving parliament several times) and he made several decisions that made the population extremely dissatisfied with his government, including losing the cisplatine war that would culminate in the independence of Uruguay

    3) The video suggests that the monarchy abolished slavery because they wanted to, but in fact it was the struggle of enslaved people and various abolitionists that made Princess Isabel sign the Abolition Law, and Brazil was still the last country in the Americas to do so. this

    4) The monarchy fell in Brazil because the elite wanted compensation for the loss of their slaves, but the government refused to do this, so they turned to supporting the republican party (which was extremely small)

    5) The military dictatorship in Brazil that lasted from the 60s until almost the 90s was the fault of the United States, which feared that the government of João Goulart would establish communism in Brazil (he was not even a communist). Furthermore, since Latin America was in the "American zone of influence", it was unthinkable that this region would fall to communism, and therefore the United States supported several coups throughout the region.

  4. I wonder how Brazil in times of the whole American continent was shaping itself and wars were extremely fierce for gaining territory, Brazil had vast lands, the biggest in South America yet none of their Spanish speaking neighbors were able to bite a chunck of its territories

  5. @knowledgia so you think thanking colonization makes you look cool? May be Brazil would have been better off with its own ppl. Colonization killed a few races, languages, cultures, methods and medicine… colonization can never be thanked no matter the benefit. The identity of a country is lost. I have to unsubscribe for this reason. You can’t be supporting murders, slavery and likewise crimes. Shame on you!

  6. Expenditions Discovered Navigate Colonialized Latin 🇮🇹 Roman Catholic ✝️ Build Churches Likes Spanish 🇪🇦 Portuguez 🇵🇹 And Frances 🇫🇷 Empires Discovered New Occupation Latin 🇮🇹 South America 🇺🇲 States Espana 🇪🇦 Portuguese 🇵🇹 And Vulgar Latin 🇮🇹 French 🇫🇷 Conquered European Explorers Countries

  7. You forget that from 1580 to 1640 there was a Union of Spain and Portugal after the King Philip II of Spain became the King of Portugal. That is why Portuguese could mové Inland in Brazil far away from the limits established by the Tordesillas Treaty

  8. If only Tsar Alexander II did not sell Alaska to the U.S, the relatives of the Romanov family and the remnants of the White Army could have escaped to Alaska and declared its independence like how things went with Brazil after the royal house of Portugal escaped and resided there.


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