How did European Explorers Speak to Newly-discovered Natives? (Short Animated Documentary)

Normally when travelling to new lands, European explorers would use traders from states along the way to translate for them on their arrival. Yet when Columbus made his way to the Americas, there were no such people on the way. So how did Columbus communicate with Native Americans? To find out watch this short and simple animated history documentary.


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Comment (39)

  1. However did this video shows the ignorance level in the white mindset about the natives. The natives were not black….

  2. We love Kelly Moneymaker. We believe that Kelly Moneymaker is black. We believe that Jesus was black. We believe the holy ghost is black! Otherwise we'll never get out of this condition. Never be free!!

  3. I can give an answer as italian. Since most explorers were italian, I highly suppose they did speak to amerindians in ITALIAN😅

  4. Fairly informative videos, however, the British accent is really annoying and hard to follow as you speak very fast. Anyway, thank you.

  5. Chiniese asking a Britisher : what's more British
    British: what's your native language?
    Chinese: manndarian..
    British: sh….
    British: Good But you shall speak english by the order of Queen 👑
    Chinese: No we get orders by our own king and …
    British: No it's not about your king , our queen is your queen also
    Chinese: we didn't knew our king married your queen?when did that happen
    British: No our queen is like king of your so called king we are meant to rule over others
    Chinese: fuck you
    British Chinese war

  6. The natives gave them ayahuasca and turned them into hippies to act as a mediator that’s how hippies came to be!
    Coincidence?! I think not

  7. The natives werent discovered. We're not animals, we're people too and I'm sure we were aware of their own existence. I suppose nothing is seen as legitimate until white people acknowledge it.

  8. There was a professor Pike at the University of Michigan whom I once saw demonstrate how you could rapidly learn an unknown language. It was pretty impressive, and while Dr Pike being a linguist already knew a lot of languages his demonstration was actually useful. I traveled in China before I knew any Chinese. It was a lot of fun. Once while heavily jet lagged I hung out with some carpenters from Sichuan who were building the concrete forms for a high rise building nearby. They were really proud that they had work permits for working in the capital and hadn't done like so many other construction workers done it without permission. And they liked my DIY camera gear.
    Later when I explained all this to my wife she asked, "And they spoke English?" "No, of course not…." "Then how did you…" That actually was harder figuring out than it was to do it. 'Sichuan' I recognized, but when I tried to explain America, California, Hollywood, Los Angeles – they had absolutely no clue. (Měiguó, jiālìfúníyǎ, hǎoláiwù, luòshānjī )
    Based on my experiences (the Japanese aren't as fond of sign language as are the Chinese) I recommend everyone should get lost meet as many people who don't speak your language as you can and have a lot of fun. And of course if you drop a reasonably bright 9 year old anywhere on the planet for a month – they'll learn any language.

  9. Kinda funny coz it's quite the opposite here in the Philippines. The friars learned our local languages and used it to preach Christianity to us. A friar even admitted he loved one of our languages, Tagalog (on which Filipino was based) and even compared its beauty to Latin, Greek and Hebrew

  10. how come the natives got diseased whilst on the ship, but not when off it? They're still in contact with the same people?

  11. Columbus brought a Jew as a translator initially. The diaspora had spread Hebrew-speaking Jews all over Asia, so why would it be different in the Indies? Little did he know.

  12. That backwards logic of kidnapping natives to force them into learning other people's language instead of just learning THEIR language in the first place.

  13. The friendlier the native people were, the ruder/more exploitative the Europeans as they assumed that only a fellow violent, war glorifying people were worth anything

  14. Fun fact: In the Central Highlands of Vietnam, there live a bunch of tribes/ethnic groups that are all called Montagnards. Some also live in Cambodia. Montagnards are culturally distinct from the majority Kinh people in Vietnam. Due to a history of conflict with the Kinh, many agreed to fight with the Americans against the Vietnamese communists during the Vietnam War. When training them, Americans would have to use an English to Vietnamese interpreter, as well as a Montagnard villager who could speak Vietnamese.


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