How did Germany plan to “conquer the World” in WW1?

How did Germany plan to “conquer the World” in World War 1?

“Imperial Germany was an ambitious empire. The Germans just united in the second half of the 19th Century and gained vast respect from the rest of the continent, and the world, as a scientific and industrial superpower; racking up 20 Nobel Prizes between 1901 through 1918 alone, spanning the categories of Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, and Literature. The year before the outbreak of World War One, Imperial Germany also boasted the largest economy in Continental Europe and placed only third behind the United States and the British Empire on the world scale. With a robust military and rapidly prospering home status, the German Empire was ready for even more success and power, and that is exactly what they would aim to take…”

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Comment (27)

  1. Historians generaly conclude that the first 2 world wars were started by GB, which invaded neighbors and wanted more territory. Of course they weren't called "World Wars" yet.
    I mean…it doesn't look good on a resume to go off killing people because you want more territory.
    From Wiki
    "The Seven Years' War (1756–1763) is widely considered to be the first global conflict in history, and was a struggle for world supremacy between Great Britain and France."
    It was started 
    "…in 1754, when the British sought to expand into territory claimed by the French in North America… on 28 May 1754. The conflict exploded across the colonial boundaries…"
    Millions died.
    Lotsa medals and heroes.

    The second world war is generally considered by most historians to have been started by GB (darn…again)
    "…18 May 1803 is often used, when Britain and France ended the only short period of peace between 1792 and 1814….
    Britain ended the Treaty of Amiens and declared war on France in May 1803."
    [end of]
    Soon after declaring war GB started bomb(ard)ing innocent civilians in unprotected cities as target practice. Copenhagen was burnt to the ground and back home everybody was cheering, even creating the propaganda term "Copenhagenizing" to mock the dead.

    More millions dead.
    More gory glory…

  2. British Empire, French Empire, Spanish Empire, and Portuguese Empire:
    Literally colonizing almost every countries outside The Europe
    The world: This is fine.
    Germany Empire: Invading countries inside The Europe

  3. Wow he just wanted to wait 10 more years they could’ve won the war like wait until you got two more allies on your team and your military and economy was a bit stronger Germany would’ve won . Then there would’ve been no World War II.

  4. The tag line itself hilarious, Come on it's 2021 and everyone knows what caused 1st and 2nd WW.. No one interested in one sided dramatic story..😀

  5. The idea that Germany was trying to conquer the world is mostly just a remnant of the retarded Treaty of Versailles. Germany wasn't actually responsible for WW1, France and Britain wanted it just as bad.

  6. Guys kaiser Wilhelm II needs your help he needs your credit card number and its expiration date but make it back quickly before Germany signs the treaty of Versailles

  7. They should devour Russia from the east, Bering Straits, etc. Basically still free land there, just like the cossacks did.

  8. Operation freedom from the US:

    1. Grenada (1983-1984)

    2. Bolivia (1986)

    3. Virgin Islands (1989)

    4. Liberia (1990; 1997; 2003)

    5. Saudi Arabia (1990-1991)

    6. Kuwait (1991)

    7. Somalia (1992-1994; 2006)

    8. Bosnia (1993-)

    9. Zaire/Congo (1996-1997)

    10. Albania (1997)

    11. Sudan (1998)

    12. Afghanistan (1998; 2001-)

    13. Yemen (2000; 2002-)

    14. Macedonia (2001)

    15. Colombia (2002-)

    16 Pakistan (2005-)

    17. Syria (2008; 2011-)

    18. Uganda (2011)

    19. Mali (2013)

    20. Niger (2013)

    21. Yugoslavia (1919; 1946; 1992-1994; 1999)

    22. Iraq (1958; 1963; 1990-1991; 1990-2003; 1998; 2003-2011)

    23. Angola (1976-1992)

  9. What a bullshit. Germany never planned to conquer the world during WW1. The german empire, which actually still exists, was forced to enter the war and never had the plan to spread their power. Even when the army of the emperor was succesful on each border the emperor offered many peace contracts but no one accepted them. So he knew what can happen when he keeps fighting and he just wanted to protect the civilians and their empire.


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