How did humans build the first civilizations?

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  1. Can you please stop making these excellent and informative videos and instead focus on aliens, Hitler, and pawn shop owners?

  2. You should do a series to follow this up by covering Uruk, early dynastic Sumer, Akkad, Gutian dark ages, Third dynasty of Ur, the Isin and Lagash period, old Babylonian period, kassite babylon and then the Bronze Age collapse

  3. Funny thing is Caucasian your anscestors were in caves had a whole system (which is Y concrete is used today) u were still crawling on all fours and had tails like u do today… How TF can u say how the first civilization was built wen the original being is melanated and the fact yall beLIEve this shit is crazy… After they manipulate plot and destroy in secret cuz they to cowardly to fight face to face they take yo true shit and replace it u mfs only been around for thousands of years bruh we been in the galaxy for millenniums let alone on this 3d plane bruh stop yo false claiming U all talk and cap


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