How did Portugal colonize the Azores?

How did Portugal colonize the Azores?

The land was beautifully forested with an abundance of useable water and had no current residents. The climate was also well equipped for farming, and the explorers were quickly excited by the seemingly endless possibilities this island offered. By 1420, Madeira was already beginning to fill up with new inhabitants and these eager settlers quickly began planting crops such as wheat and sugar cane. These efforts were rewarded with great success and significant support from the Portuguese Crown. Thanks to this, the idea of also colonizing the Azores, quickly became quite a good one.

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  1. The story of the discovery of Porto Santo / Madeira by Zarco in1419 was a myth. The Portuguese "discovered" these islands in the previous century but kept this secret as this small fledgling nation would not be in a position to defend (it is rumoured the Romans first came across them). The Azores was probably the same.

  2. As a portuguese I wanna thank you for this video. The content was great, however 2 minor nitpicks, the pronounciation and the names of the islands being displayed wrong on the screen, aside from that it was great.

  3. Do Spain and the Canaries next, their conquest there of the Neolithic Guanches was pretty much a preview of their conquest of the Americas.

  4. And thanks to the Azores and by the Tordesillas treaty, Portugal got Brazil. Without the Azores they would have never gotten an inch of Brazil.

  5. As a Portuguese trans male your pronunciations deeply offend me. It’s Madeira not madeyera. Nao Bom! Comprente seish!!!!

  6. "Greedy upper class are thing of the past" Are you sure? Who do you think capitalist are? Why do you think US economy is dying while chinese is rising? (just a example). Who do you think is to blame for such a huge gap between rich and poor in the world today, like 10 % of wealthy to 90 % of poor? Thing of the past my ass.. Only names of upper class has charged, otherwise it is still the same and will always be..

  7. Wait how did Portugal grow crops like maise corn and sweet potatoes when America hasn't been discovered yet? Those crops are unique to the Americas…

  8. Love The Channel always stoked when I see it pop up on my sub list. I don't understand how you guys still haven't gotten pronunciation down yet!? But all good. Still love the videos. Thanks for the hard work. I will continue to always watch.

  9. Next time, please just take moment checking Google translate to avoid wholly unnecessary pronunciation gaffes.

  10. Awesome video, but it's pronounced "Muh-dee-ruh", not "Muh-dai-ruh", and it was extremely frustrating to hear you pronounce it wrong throughout the entire video.

  11. You crack me up with Madeira pronunciation! Pronouncing names properly is the most important thing if u wish to have any credibility!

  12. Have been watching your videos for a long time and most of my knowledge about history is because of you. Thank yoi

  13. I mean this feels more like a school project rather than a knowledge channel when you don't research properly. (São Miguel, Pico Island, Terceira) The islands names and pronunciations were je ne sais quoi… Good video still 👌🏻

  14. It's so much better when there isn't a pre-existing population massacred by smallpox and then enslaved


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