How did the Bolsheviks Take Russia?

How did the Bolsheviks Take Russia?

The Russian Empire. The Soviet Union. Between the two were events that are remembered today as pillars of modern Russian history. Bloody Sunday, the February Revolution, the July Days, the October Revolution, and more proved to be the stepping stones between the fall of the empire marked by the dramatic abdication of Tsar Nicholas II, and the rise of the Soviet Union following the socialist uprising throughout the nation. But how did these events occur?

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  1. The Bolsheviks won for one reason and one reason only they murdered their way to the top. They killed anyone and everyone who got in their way or who they though would be a problem. They didn't care who they killed either. Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin and all the others of their group were bloodthirsty pieces of S**T who cared nothing for the Russian people only about power for themselves! They killed everyone fe fellow communists, Marxists, the Social Revolutionaries, members of The Duma, the Royal Family, and anyone else. The leaders also conspired with the Germans this entire time. Where do you think Lenin went when he was "exiled" Germany. They weren't Revolutionaries they were murderous thugs. Many joined them just so they wouldn't be killed themselves. And in the end where did it get most of them Lenin Died early, Trotsky was murdered, most of the higher ups were murdered or sent to gulags. This period as these people should NEVER be romanticized. Pieces of S**T with millions of people's blood on their hands!!!

  2. Is it true that the Bolsheviks were finnanced by Kuhn Loeb and Co. during the Revolution? I read this a while ago, but it didn't make sense to me. Why would ultra capitalists finance a communist coup?

  3. You forgot much of the things that would've shown the context. Such as, the bloody sunday demonstration was sending a request to the Tsar, thinking that he didn't know about near slave working conditions and cared about his people. Also, not much stated about how the 1905 revolution was suppressed, and how Tsar awarded generals who imposed the harshest martial laws, such as banning the reading of newspapers and books, whipping for no reason et cetera.

  4. The Bolsheviks were not nice people, cruel soldiers of the cabal communist government led by Lenin. I believe Tsar Nikolas II was a good and kindly man who really did try to help his country. I feel so sorry for Nikolas, Tsarina Alexandra and their children. It is sad the Romanovs had to be so brutally murdered in the cellars at Ekaterinburg. At least they are at peace together now in the loving arms of the Creator Spirit.

  5. Good BS, you completely phased out the biggest contributor, the German empire. Kaiser Wilhelm ll sent tens of millions of Marks and tens of thousands of guns to the Bolsheviks and heavily supported them to make Russia weak from within.


  6. Bolshevism been established in Brussel in 1903! They had controlled sovietunion. When sovietunion had collapsed bolsheviks had to move to west. Now they are in brussel! The origin of Bolsheviks!
    American banks had supported Lenin by 20 million USD


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