How did the Eastern Romans try to Retake their former Empire?

How did the Eastern Romans try to Retake their former Empire?

While the Western portion was on a rapid decline during the 4th and early 5th centuries, the East was doing alright. Thus, when the Western Roman Empire completely collapsed before the start of the 6th century, a burning question quickly arose: would the Byzantines attempt to reclaim the fallen half of the once-united empire? At first, no, but the succession of Justinian I to the throne in Byzantium would suddenly change that answer…

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  1. "They sacked city after city" as far as I'm aware, only Naples was sacked, and it was because they resisted. Could you name all these cities that were put to seige and sacked in the initial campaign?
    Was there even a seige of Rhegium?

  2. They didn't try to retake anything.. they try to free the Romans of the West.. Justinian was the sol Emperor for the whole Roman Empire.. Odoacer send the Western Imperial Insignia to Emperor Zeno in Constantinople and recognize him as the only Emperor of the Roman Empire.. The Ostrogoths rule Italy in the name of the Roman Empire and the Roman Emperor in Constantinople..

  3. I know the Goths are a genuine tribal group/ethnicity with their own unique culture, beliefs and ideals, but whenever I hear the term on the channel I always imagine a bunch of depressed all-black-claded teenagers smoking cigarettes acting indifferent to the Romans.

  4. They were Romans, not “Byzantines”. Stop using that term.

    It never existed or was used before the fall of Constantinople in 1453.

    It was a propaganda term coined centuries later by a German propagandist working for the “Holy Roman Emperor”. He used the term in the hope to show that it was his Emperor and “Empire” were the true successors to Rome, and not the “Greeks” in the East.

  5. Who would ever call Justinian "the Great"? Belisarius is 1000x more worthy of that title had he taken the title of Western Roman Emperor, but didn't. What even warrants the "some would call" disclaimer?

    Rome is not my specialty at all, just trying to figure out what context I'm missing that would make me consider Justinian a good emperor let alone a Great one.

  6. I love these videos on late antiquity but for crying out loud…can they PLEASE STOP calling the Eastern Roman Empire the Byzantine Empire! NO ONE during that time (from 395 AD until it's last year in 1453 AD) called it such including themselves! They were ALWAYS referred to the as "The Romans"….🤨🙄

  7. The devastation wreaked on Italy as a result of the Gothic wars was a major cause of the decline of civilization in the west and the onset of the Dark Ages.Much infrastructure was damaged beyond repair,there was famine and disease everywhere and general depopulation.Had the Ostrogothic kingdom as established by Theodoric the Great been allowed to continue this may not have happened.The Ostrogoths continued the legacy of Rome continuing most of the Roman institutions.The vacuum left allowed the Lombards to gain Italy and they were far less civilized than the Goths.

  8. The Plague Of Justinian literally broke out at the worst possible time. If it hadn't happened, Rome may very well have recovered.

  9. Theudebert: Shows up out of nowhere with a massive Frankish army. Defeats both the Ostrogoths and Romans, led by one of the greatest generals in history. Refuses to elaborate. Dies of Cholera. Truly a Chad among Chads.

  10. So many dumb people in the comments who try to appear smart, BUT they don't know how to evaluate research and read history. With their little brain, they try to explain topics that even experts are not sure about, in order to validate their biases, no matter their background or nationality. Sad.

  11. Even when we know damn well the east never called themselves Byzantine, we still use that term. And all because of some asshole wanted to discredit the east and give the HRE justification to the true succession of the Roman Empire as a whole. Such a pet peeve and it just eats away at me so bad. Herring people calling them Byzantine is like nails to the chalkboard for me. Lmao 🤣

  12. the outbreak of the justinian plague , now known to have been bubonic plague, in 542 did nt help matters any roughly half the population of the east empire died,

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